Harpers Bazaar, May 1943

In 1943, home gardens had once again become necessities, due to wartime food shortages.  Today home gardening is in vogue partly because of the “local food” movement.    Where I come from, local food was always pretty much the standard.  My father always “put in” a big garden, which I hated because we always had to help out with the weeds.  And I didn’t even like green beans, which seemed to be the major crop. (Never mind that we also grew things I loved like corn and squash and broccoli…)

So I thought I’d never, ever want a vegetable garden of my own.  Interesting how things change.  We do a nice little garden every year and today we spent the morning working out what we are going to plant and then we prepared the garden plot.  Next step, seeds and baby plants!


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4 responses to “Harpers Bazaar, May 1943

  1. Jacqueline

    I can’t wait to plant a vegetable garden, but it’s tough living in an apartment. I’ve thought about a balcony garden, but ours faces north and has high cement walls, so only a little indirect light comes in. Unfortunately I don’t think veggies will survive.


  2. Ooooh I’d love to see how your garden progresses as I adore gardening so much:))


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