Ad Campaign – Kedettes, 1953

I did promise to feature shoes this month in the ad campaign, and so now I’m making good on that promise.  Kedettes was a division of the United States Rubber Company’s Keds brand, making canvas and rubber casual shoes for women.

Some of the shoes in the ad look a bit dowdy to me, but have you ever seen a cuter thing than that Gay Espadrille?  The shoes came with two sets of laces – one to match; one to contrast, and they were available in twelve different colors.  They actually made it for several years in the early 50s, so why is it that I’ve never found a pair?

A few years ago Keds had a collection based on updated versions of the old Kedettes of the 1940s and 1950s.   Most of them had 2 -3 inch wedge heels , which lessened the appeal to me considerably…


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5 responses to “Ad Campaign – Kedettes, 1953

  1. Oh! I would love a pair each of the Gay Espadrilles and the Ballet Ties! So wonderful.


  2. I’m quite enamored with the ballet flat looking ones, how cute are they! I definitely see what you mean about some of them looking a bit dowdy, though I’m not counting the espadrilles in that!


  3. Oh I def need a pair of Gay Espadrilles with changeable laces!! xo


  4. agnesalena

    hai … I am happy to be able to visit this blog …. much as I can I learn on this blog … Greetings ..


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