Charleston Harbor Wedding

I’m back from a whirl-wind trip to Charleston, SC after attending the wedding of one of my nieces.  It was held on a boat, as you can see, and it was chilly, which you might not be able to see.  I’m wearing a cute 1963ish silk dress which is obliterated by the very necessary white sweater.  That was a real shame, but I’m also wearing vintage shoes, and carrying my vintage Gucci bamboo handle bag. (Side note:  We looked at the new ones at the Gucci store.  Good gracious, what a disaster they are.  They are big old over-grown mutations of a sweet, classic handbag.  It ought to be illegal.)

In the above photo:  Niece Lindsay and her husband Ben, little brother Scott, me and little sis Susan.    It was a beautiful venue for a wedding, and it just got better as the evening progressed:


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8 responses to “Charleston Harbor Wedding

  1. Lovely photos! Glad you had a nice time.
    Also, I linked to you on a post I wrote that included a pic of that fabric. I hope that is okay. Thanks again for your help!


  2. beautiful photos, lizzie – and the dress you’re wearing is so cute (even with the sweater covering the top!).


  3. It looks glorious. So glad you had a wonderful time. Your family looks lovely and you silk dress is beautiful too! 😉 xx


  4. Gorgeous photos–that sunset! The print on your dress looks really great; fabulous outfit, Lizzie! I’m loving Ben’s bow tie, too.


  5. Oh, thanks for the sweet words! In our casual world, it is fun to get dressed occasionally!


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