1970s Ski Pants – White Stag

Several weeks ago I got an email from friend Jody at Couture Allure Vintage Fashion who has the best on-line shop and writes her own vintage blog.  She had found a pair of 1970s ski pants from White Stag, and she wanted to know if I’d like to have them.  I’ve been a fan of White Stag sports clothing for a long time, so I quickly accepted her generous offer.  But I couldn’t help wondering how she was so certain that the pants were from the 70s.

Well, the minute I got a look at those bell bottoms, I had to laugh!  Only the 70s could have produced this odd-looking pair of ski pants!

It serves as a reminder that sportswear does tend to reflect the fashion of the time.  When trying to place a date on an item of sportswear, the fabric is a big consideration, but you should also consider the colors that were used, and the general styling of the object.  In this case, the pants are black, which was not particularly useful, and the fabric blend could range from the mid 1950s through the 70s.  It was the styling that revealed the era of manufacture.

You would think that bell bottomed pants would be terribly impractical in the snow, that the wide legs would permit drafts and snow to make contact with the leg.  But the designers at White Stag had that covered.  At the bottom of the leg is a bit of lining in which they put elastic to keep the opening attached to the leg.  It probably also helped keep the legs from riding up in the event of a fall.

My thanks to Jody for thinking of my collection, and for kindly sending these my way.


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4 responses to “1970s Ski Pants – White Stag

  1. Glad you like them and so happy they will be a part of your world famous collection! 🙂


  2. I remember wearing stretch pants (Roffe I think) in the 80’s with flared (bell bottom) lower leg which fit nicely over the ski boot. They too had a crease at CF leg.


  3. Ralph Barger

    Worked for WS – I would say 68-72. Made in Austria, by 70s production was in far east. The fabric is cheap, note the low spandex content. Never sold well and were passed by “pender” pants – farmer john – insulated nylon in the mid 70s. WS was never a big player in the stretch pants, after say 68 or so they didn’t offer the value that our competitors did.


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