Vintage Shopping – North Atlanta

Last Wednesday I met Monica Murgia for a little pre-CSA vintage shopping.   I’m usually a solo shopper, mainly because I’ve learned that I can cover more ground by myself and that there is no competition for the good stuff.   But I enjoyed having Monica’s company on this trip.  We shop at pretty much the same pace and we were in the market for different things, so it worked perfectly.

We stuck to the small towns that are just north of the city, mainly because I’m just more familiar with the area and because I knew that the thrifts and antique stores there usually have great things for sale.  We kept the day mixed, with both antique malls and thrift stores, so as not to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of clothing that is found in the huge thrifts of the area.

The top photo is of some beautiful antique glove boxes.  It was truly the beginning of a collection.

Monica is saying farewell to this sweet dress from the 1960s that did not fit.

Soft rayon 1920s onsie-undies from Musingwear.  You just never know what will turn up in an antique mall!

I really liked this hat from Oleg Cassini, but knew it would not work with the clothing I have from its time.

This old dress form has seen better days, but showed promise as a conversation piece…

I just wish my photo of this early 60s dress was better, as it fit Monica perfectly and looked just adorable.  How could she miss for $5.99?

There were lots of nice mid 20th century pieces in the malls.  I liked this tea cart…

but I loved this set.

Taking a break in a coffee shop in Roswell, GA.  The milk bottle was from a dairy in Monica’s hometown in Pennsylvania!

The Cobb Antique Mall has a whole section of vintage clothing, and I rarely leave without finding something I love.  I bought a sweet 1940s swimsuit coverup and Monica bought a lovely 1950s lace dress.

Have you ever seen a dressform in an antique store that did not have loads of miscellaneous stuff pilled on it?  The swimsuit is from Rose Marie Reid.

Loved this hatbox, but the poor condition was just too much of an issue.

Sporty girls!

And lastly, this one is for Monica, from a shop we didn’t have time to visit.  I stopped by on my way out of town and found some lovely things, including this evening cape.


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8 responses to “Vintage Shopping – North Atlanta

  1. Sounds like a super shopping trip and Monica looks so lovely. Bet you had lots of fun. Take me with you next time!!! 😉 xx


  2. Mary Crabtree

    Oh, my! What a glorious day you must have had~~and that evening cape is stunning! We’re moving soon to within driving distance of that antique mall-can’t wait! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!


  3. Looks like you had a blast!!! I totally know how your friend feels about “saying goodbye” to pieces. I’ve found myself in that place many times.


  4. Teresa

    Looks like you had a fabulous day and some fabulous finds! That table and chair set is wonderful, and you’re so right about dress forms being piled high with so many different pieces. 🙂


  5. Licky ducks! I wish I was with you, wondeful choices, not so much here in Oz as less population, I obviously need a thrift tour of the US, so, want to put one together for me 🙂


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