And Even More from Atlanta

I promise, this is the very last post from Atlanta, but I just had to say a few more words about the city before moving on.

It is true that one can tell a lot about a place from looking at the stuff in its antique malls.  In the case of Atlanta, the malls are full of things that reference Gone with the Wind (or GWTW in its abbreviated form) and Coca Cola.  Until you visit Atlanta, you may be blissfully unaware that it is the birthplace of Coke, but once there, you can hardly escape the fact.

I’m so sorry that my photo cannot give the full impact of this window at the Fox Theater.  It really was beautiful, in a red and silver type of way.

One of the landmarks of midtown Atlanta is the 1920s Fox Theater.   Designed in the late 1920s as a Shriner’s “mosque,” the building ran into financial difficulty before it was finished, and the Shriners sold it to movie mogul William Fox who finished the building as a 4,700 seat movie house.  The building was almost demolished in the 1970s, but was thankfully saved through the efforts of a “Save the Fox” campaign.  Today the theater is fully restored and still open, as the venue of traveling Broadway plays and live musical performances.

From the side

Outside of the lobby

The old box office

Beautiful hotel across the street, the 1911  Georgian Terrace.  The gala for the premier of GWTW was held there, with all the stars in attendance.  You might think that the movie premier would have been at the Fox, but instead it was held at the downtown Loew’s Grand Theater.  But like the Fox, the Georgian Terrace fell into disrepair, and was scheduled for demolition.  It was saved when it was placed on the  National Register of Historic Places in 1986.  The Georgian Terrace was restored and reopened in the 1990s.

Yes, this is the same view as the top photo, as this was the view from our room.

And so the Atlanta saga ends.  I’m presently on my way to St. Louis, where I’ll be attending a family affair, and so my trip will be very short.  I hope to fit in a little sightseeing, and a tiny bit of shopping.  Wish me luck!


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7 responses to “And Even More from Atlanta

  1. Many thanks for the historical architecture wrap-up. I just love the Fox theater views, it’s gorgeous, and must be hugely impressive ‘live’!


  2. Talk as much as you like about Atlanta! I’ve really enjoyed being with you online. Have a wonderful trip to St Louis. 🙂 xx


  3. I just love old cinemas. That box office is absolutely glorious!


    • What an amazing theatre! I’d heard of Shriners, but didn’t know anything about them. Your post made me go and look them up, so now I feel informed.


  4. Yep. I’ve only been to Atlanta once (or twice?) and it was all about the Coca Cola! I’ll be curious to hear how your shopping goes in St. Louis, as that’s where I was born and where much of my family still lives.


    • Karen, I remembered that you were from St. Louis, and I was very tempted to write and ask for suggestions. But we were only to be there two days, and most of the time was already schelduled with family obligations, so I didn’t want a list of wonderful shopping places and no time to visit any of them!

      We loved the city, and I did manage one little shopping excursion, which I’ll be writing about in a few days.


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