Ad Campaign – Cole of California, 1946

Sun Colors by Cole of California, from our Westward to the Sea Collection

Maybe it’s the long hair, but at first glance something about this ad looks decidedly more modern than 1946.  Substitute a pair of bikini bottoms for those briefs, and my guess might be 1972.

But even though that long flowing hair was not the height of fashion in 1946, there was a pop culture reference for it.  The models are both posed a lot like actress Dorothy Lamour, whose exotic image might fit in perfectly with a swimsuit campaign, whether or not she was actually used in the ad!


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7 responses to “Ad Campaign – Cole of California, 1946

  1. Nice, there were a lot of rainbow stripes in the early 70s too.


  2. It is very 70s isn’t it?! I love the colours and stripes. Very striking.


  3. Yes, my first thought was that it’s a fairly sexy ad for 1946!


  4. ourdailydress

    I thought 70s too! I will absolutely take those outfits too.


  5. I totally thought it was a 70s ad–before I clicked on the link to your blog which enlarged the photo! Wild. I love the chevrons and the sunshine colors.


  6. I’m so glad it’s not just me misreading the ad!


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