Charm, July 1952

What is so interesting about this summertime cover shot is that the model is so covered up.  It appears to be a towel, and the background might suggest that she is supposedly at the beach.  But there is something else – something I’d not noticed until Jonathan Walford made a comment about a photo I’d asked about.  And that is, the sun does not seem to be shining on the model.

The photo in question showed a model in what was labeled as 1956, wearing a swimsuit and bathed in bright sunlight.  I thought the photo looked a little off, but it was not until Jonathan mentioned that you’d not see so much sun on a fashion model in the 1950s that it really made sense.  Turns out that the photo was made recently,  as Jody at Couture Allure has seen similar ones recently in places like TJMaxx.


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3 responses to “Charm, July 1952

  1. Interesting! So that’s what tipped someone off about the “Couture” magazine cover I was wondering about – the sun! I was wondering what was making me think “prop”. It must be the modern looking photography. (Thanks again for looking into that for me!)

    The Charm cover you show looks almost wintery.


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