Guest Post at The Hourglass Files

To read today’s post you’ll need to head over to The Hourglass Files, where I’ve written a guest post for Jacqueline WayneGuite.  It’s all about shopping for vintage clothing and textiles in antique malls, so you do not want to miss it!

You certainly recall Jacqueline, as she was the writer of a post here last week in which she made us all envious with her job as collection manager for a historic clothing collection.

So I have the day off from blogging, and you’d think I’d be out hiking or shopping or doing something fun, right?  Well, instead I’m dealing with a scraper – a website that takes what it wants at will and copies and pastes the content of others on their own blog.  Considering that I have a generous copyright policy where I do not mind if people use my content and photos, this is especially irritating.  It’s usually fairly easy to get the site to take down the stolen material, but it just takes some legwork and attention to detail.  For some reason, scraper sites don’t have contact info, and they rarely allow for reader comments.  Wonder why???

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