What I Didn’t Buy – Dream Boots

What does it mean when a person starts to dream about vintage clothing?  Does it mean that she is obsessed, and that there are not enough hours in the day to think about one’s hobby?  Or maybe it means that she’s reading too much about fashion history.   Perhaps it’s merely that she had a very spicy dream-inducing dinner that evening.

Whatever the cause, a few nights ago I had the most vivid dream about shopping in an antique mall that seemed vaguely familiar, but which I couldn’t quite place.  My husband was with me, and we came upon a booth of vintage clothing and accessories.  I was immediately attracted to a pair of boots which were like Victorian carriage boots, but were made from a shiny green brocade, with fur trim and leather sides that were rather like a L.L. Bean hunting boot.

But what was really disturbing was that the seller had taken a black Sharpie marker and had written the provenance of the boots actually on the leather.  The story wrapped around the boot and the seller ended up by saying that the boots were in perfect condition!  Then we noticed that the seller had written on all her merchandise with this black marker.  All the items were unusual and rare, and in otherwise perfect condition.

I’m sure I’m not the only collector to ever dream about shopping for her collection, but I do hope that any other of you dreamers had less of a nightmare than I did!


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12 responses to “What I Didn’t Buy – Dream Boots

  1. I agree, it’s a horrible nightmare. I have dreamt of NEW designs of clothes and in that case, I try to remember the idea. I’m a believer in following these insights.


    • I agree. When I’m in the midst of a creative project that I’m struggling with, I keep paper and pencil handy by the bed, just in case. And I wrote quite a few college papers that were helped along by dreams.


  2. Susan

    Ha! My obsession leads me to wait patiently most days so that I can read what treasures you’ll post about today on your blog!

    It’s winter heard and I’ve been hanging out for a beautiful pair of (faux) fur lined boots much like you’ve posted above! Being Australian, I hadn’t really heard of LL Bean, so that’s a discovery for me; thank you!


  3. Oh that’s too funny. I do have dreams like this. They usually involve me stumbling upon a perfect little vintage shop and finding that most of the wares are less than $5 and I go hog wild buying everything in sight. The sad part is waking up and realizing it was only a dream!


  4. Hilarious! I’ve yet to have this sort of nightmare. It sounds very detailed I must say.

    I did have a dream about vintage scarves the other night. I spent the whole time holding them up to the window, checking for faults or issues. There must have been hundreds of them. I was exhausted when I woke up! 🙂


  5. PS – I LOVE your sketch! xx


  6. Eek–that *is* a nightmare! I love the illustration you’ve provided. I can’t think of any recent vintage-related dreams I’ve had…though I’m sure I’ve had them before. I feel a little exhausted just reading about catwalkcreative’s dream (but maybe that’s because I actually did spend part of yesterday sorting through scarves)!


  7. I am laughing at this, as I have had similar dreams about sewing – a salesperson deliberately cutting the wrong yardage of cloth, things like that! It’s always such a relief to wake up and realize it was just a dream! Don’t you wonder where these things come from?


  8. That was a nightmare! My clothing dreams are usually more pleasant although sometimes its about missing a really good item that I see someone else walking off with – like a leopard print silk chiffon Edwardian evening dress that was the subject of one of my dreams twenty years ago that I still remember!


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