Ad Campaign – Kumfortites, 1948

Sorry about the huge image, but I do have a reason for making it so large!

I was going back through this blog, looking at some older posts when I realized that I needed to do some badly needed maintenance.   Between the seven years I’ve been writing the Vintage Traveler, and the fact that I moved it from another site to wordpress, there were quite a few missing images and crazy text errors.  So I started out to spend the afternoon fixing the problems.  I quickly realized this project is going to take more than one afternoon.

When I started this blog in 2005,  blogging was a very new thing.  I was posting only occasionally, and my photos were sized from tiny to huge and I didn’t even always use the same font.  Most of my early posts were around 100 words!

But looking back was good, because I can clearly see how I’ve grown as a blogger, that my perspective of fashion history has been more clearly defined.  I’ve found some old posts that I’ll be re-writing and re-posting, as I’ve learned so much in the passing years that what I would say about an object today might be totally different from how I saw it in 2007.

One thing that really struck me was how important a consistent look is to a blog.  It was only about two years ago that I tried to size every image at the same width.  Some of my images were so small even I had a hard time telling what they were supposed to be.  So I’ve been retaking and re-scanning some that were in sad shape.

I was rewarded for this work by today’s ad.  You might recall that I found a pair of Kumfortites a few months back, and today while looking for something else, I found this ad in a 1948 magazine.   And yes, the ad is huge, but it is also consistent!


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7 responses to “Ad Campaign – Kumfortites, 1948

  1. I really adore this ad! I wish I could find myself a pair of the shorts mentioned in the bottom of the ad. I can imagine that they may be quite comfortable!


  2. These remind me of modern-day Spanx. I like that they came in colors!

    About your blog layout – I often find myself wishing that you would post clickable photos (using the image settings “within posts”) so that we could view them larger if we wanted to see the details. Lots of my favorite blogs resize the images for “post view” but actually upload the larger copy, and I’ve followed that format with my own blog.


  3. I had no idea you’ve been blogging for so long. I know how much I have learned just since starting my blog last November, so I can imagine your perspective on yours!
    I have always loved “tights” – I still wear them with skirts in the winter – and what I love about this ad for Komfortites is its reference to their use for sports.


  4. I have been going through this with my site. After searching for months, I’ve found a great template. However, now I’ve found many of my images have disappeared, or been resized to strange proportions. And, sadly, after writing the first few posts with the new template, I realized that the captions had to be manually inserted into the post. *sigh* A webmaster’s job is never complete! But I love your site, it’s so consistent and fabulous, so keep up the good work! 🙂 And it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one tinkering around with the site appearance.


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