Vintage Miscellany – July 22, 2012

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but here in the Northern Hemisphere the summer is speeding along.  Get out there and enjoy it while you can!

That is, after you enjoy your morning coffee and a few links.

*  Kate Spade (the company, no longer just a person) has been sued by The Vera Company for copyright infringement.  Seems like their poppy line is a little too similar to Vera Neumann’s Poppy Field, which dates from the 1970s.  (There are conflicting reports, some saying the the estate of Vera Neumann is suing, but the copyrights to Vera’s designs were sold years ago and are now owned by The Vera Company.)

*   Another collection, that of the Chicago History Museum, goes digital.

*   Smithsonian Magazine has a new blog, Threaded, and it is all about textiles and fashion.

*   Another newish blog of interest is AllWays in Fashion.  You will especially enjoy “I was a Glamour Don’t.”

*   And another great set from the Retronaut, this time At the Beach, 1906.

*   It will be Pendleton 49er time before we know it, and the Pendleton blog has a great post on the garment to get us psyched for it.

*   Several years in the development room, but well worth the wait is the new VFG Fabric Resource.  Primarily the work of Maggie Wilds of Denisebrain, it is a huge addition to the VFG site.

*   Art influences fashion:   Louis Vuitton with 83 year old artist Yayoi Kusama.

*   The incredible fashion album of Barbara Johnson, 1746-1823.

*   Do we really need a Neiman Marcus – Target collaboration?

*   Forbes explores Made in the USA and coolness.



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4 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – July 22, 2012

  1. Swooning over the textiles!!


  2. Thanks for your nice mention of my blog “AllWays in Fashion”.


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