Mademoiselle, August, 1953

It’s August, and that means time for the Mademoiselle college issue.  There was a time when this issue was as important as the Seventeen Back-to-School issue.  Today we think of the big Vogue September issue, but for their demographics, the August issues of Mademoiselle and Seventeen were just as big.

I can’t imagine a more perfect image of a 1950s college girl.  Cashmere twin set?  Check.  Plaid kilt? Check.  Just add a neat pageboy and a fresh face, and you are set.


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2 responses to “Mademoiselle, August, 1953

  1. KeLLy aNN

    Every year I still by my Self some things for “back to school” when we take the womb fruits. A new backpack, new notebook journals, new pens, a new outfit, and a new lipstick. You’re never to old to go back to school!


  2. At first look, there seems to be a bit of emphasis on the watch, and I thought that it is focusing on it.

    In the 50s, is it being started to portray that slims means beautiful?


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