Made in the USA – Liberty Bottles

Accessories come and accessories go.  Time was, a lady did not leave her house without a parasol.  Today’s must have accouterments might include a ceramic coffee cup or a water bottle.

I ran across Liberty Bottleworks while looking for something else, but I liked what I read and so I ordered a bottle.  I’m really impressed with the product, and so I’m sharing it with you.  First of all, it is made in the USA out of 100% recycled aluminum.  There are no BPA materials and the bottle is coated to prevent metal leaching into your drink.  The mouth of the bottle is wide enough for ice cubes.

The design I have is a topographical map of part of the Great Smokies National Park, but there are dozens of great designs.  I especially love the Mass Transit map series.

Click to enlarge

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One response to “Made in the USA – Liberty Bottles

  1. Yes, I got one of those too.

    I go for the Cosmic 32 oz as the design looks clean without much design, simple and elegant.

    Definitely a great recommendation to anyone that wishes to have a more “green” bottle.


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