Ad Campaign – Shannon Rodgers for Jerry Silverman, 1966

One of the benefits of looking at so much vintage clothing over the past thirty years and working on the Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource for the past six or seven is that I’ve learned a lot about labels from the past, and can recognize many that have faded into obscurity.  While shopping with Monica Murgia in Atlanta in May, we ran across a wonderful dress set with what I knew to be a very nice label:  Shannon Rodgers for Jerry Silverman.

I’ll not go into the Rodgers/Silverman story here because I’ve written a guest post for Monica, and you can read all about this design/manufacturing team on her blog.

The ad is from 1966, and is typical of the better day dresses that were made under this label.  I’m always happy to see an example of their work, as their dresses were tastefully styled and finely sewn.  Here’s a dress from my own collection.


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5 responses to “Ad Campaign – Shannon Rodgers for Jerry Silverman, 1966

  1. that dress is darling!


  2. I’m intrigued by the dress in the illustration, as it looks like it may have one of my fave features – POCKETS!


  3. ourdailydress

    beautiful dress – and I love the font on the label.


  4. Great post. Just listed a ‘Shannon Rodgers for Jerry Silverman’ dress in my shop and it is a beaut! Those guys had skills!


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