Ad Campaign – Hanes, 1972

This is one page of a two-page ad spread from 1972.  The second page is merely the name of the product and a short slogan.  Can you guess what it is?  And yes, it is fashion related.

If no one guesses correctly today, I’ll post the second page of the ad tomorrow.  I’ll give extra credit if you know the brand.

(Don’t try that sneaky hover over the image trick, thinking I might have put the name of the product in the file name.  Another blogger recently had a guessing game and the files had revealing names, and the game was ruined when one poster used that info and pretended to know all the answers.  Not cool…)


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15 responses to “Ad Campaign – Hanes, 1972

  1. Ohhhh! What a charming picture. I’ve no idea what the brand name might be. Looks like embroidery stitches on the shells. Could it be fabric/textile related?


  2. Could it be for panty hose? I see legs in the background coming out of a shell, so I was thinking of the Leggs pantyhose that used to come in an egg shaped container.


  3. Bonnie

    Prell shampoo??? Don’t even know why I guessed that!! Maybe Prell and shell!! LOL


  4. My first thought was some kind of perfume ad? Not really fashion related. Maybe Max Factor make-up? I also thought it might have something to do with soft skin, although that doesn’t gel with sea shells or fashion!


  5. I’m seeing shells, cocoons, and knitwear here. Some kind of sweater or knitwear?


  6. Fabric?? Sort of reminds me of Onondaga’s ads from the 1950s


  7. Towels?
    Lizzie, if you tell me the prize is one of the actual products, well, knowing you, that wouldn’t surprise me. Fun contest!


  8. It is beautiful ad and reminds me of Yardly.


  9. The shells look like crewel work, is it an ad for thread?


  10. Rita

    Cool contest! Swimsuits – maybe Jantzen?


  11. Sorry for the blog silence as I was occupied in the “real world.”

    Great guesses, and one of you is actually right. It is Pantyhose, but not leggs. Close, though because this is the parent company of L’eggs, Hanes.


  12. Yea….I won, I won!!!! If it wouldn’t have been for those legs in the background of the ad, I would never have guessed panty hose!


  13. Teresa

    Beautiful image! I would’ve guessed pantyhose for this Hanes ad. 🙂


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