Mademoiselle, October, 1957

I love this image, though I’ll admit I’m a bit fuzzy as to the symbolism.  It seems to be saying “Here’s a happy, urban career girl kicking up her heel while clutching her massive handbag.”

Or what am I missing?


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2 responses to “Mademoiselle, October, 1957

  1. hehe! Yes indeed. Somewhat confused imagery. Looking at the old guy in the background with stuffy top hat (bet he’s only 50!!). Anyway, he looks so ‘old school’ whilst she looks such a modern missy with the world at her feet.

    And how I covet that handbag . . . and coat . . . and hat . . . and gloves!


  2. Teresa

    Haha! Such a great cover and I’m with catwalkcreative. I really want that handbag.


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