Fashionable Dress, September, 1926

This magazine was a new one to me, but I was overjoyed to find a small stack of them at the Liberty Antiques Festival yesterday.  It is primarily a sewing pattern catalog, but it has quite a few pages devoted to the latest from Paris, features on make-up, and lots on the latest accessories.  In short, it is a valuable resource for anyone interested in 1920s fashion.

I did a quick web search, and the earliest issue I found was 1919; the latest was 1929.  If anyone has any additional information about Fashionable Dress, I’d be interested.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Lynne, I now know that Fashionable Dress was established in 1914.

Illustrator:  Evelyn Browne

Copyright:  Not known.  The Fashionable Dress Publishing Company (1914-1930)  was absorbed by Fashionist in 1931.


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3 responses to “Fashionable Dress, September, 1926

  1. Mary Crabtree

    What a marvelous find! Please share photos of these often!


  2. So fabulous! Looking forward to seeing more from these magazines. 🙂


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