Wesley Simpson Custom Scarfs, 1948

Wesley Simpson presents a group of new scarfs from his collection of designs by famous artists.  Included are scarfs by Marcel Vertes and Salvador Dali.

I’ve yet to find a Wesley Simpson scarf, but I’m always delighted to see “new” ones that are unearthed from the used clothing venues of America.   It made me really happy that art and vintage clothing lover Monica Murgia recently found an especially peachy one.


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13 responses to “Wesley Simpson Custom Scarfs, 1948

  1. Yay! Me, too! I will be on the lookout for one for you. 🙂 I had a reader contact me. She has two – I asked for pictures . . . .


  2. Lovely post and great advert, thank you for posting it. I’ve been lucky enough to lay my hands on a couple – the Dali Ballerina and that top right ‘toile’ one (mine is purple, but it also seems to exist in navy). And funnily enough, I was one of the bidders on that lovely ‘Monica Murgia’ one a fortnight ago. Sadly funds are low at the moment and I didn’t want to go high, otherwise it might have been mine! They do seem to come up very occasionally, although I wonder how many are still about. The silk is quite thin and fragile and many may have struggled to survive. Someone who had a ‘Ballerina’ told me theirs had suffered colour runs. As a result although both mine need cleaning, I’m rather reluctant to do anything about it until I’m sure I can find an expert who will know how to handle them!


  3. The scarf at the top right of the ad is the one that the Metropolitan Museum of Art has in their collection! You should send them a a link to the ad. They would be thrilled to have it for their archives.


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  5. Larry Russell

    Just purchased a thomas hart benton scarf, with 4 of his pictures . Silverand black


  6. Larry Russell

    Purchased a day an night in mint condition


  7. Larry Russell

    Monica, do you have any information on the number of day and night version of the green color. Thanks larry


  8. I recently got the Day & Night scarf. Mine is purple, not blue. Just wondering if you have any additional information on either artist or the company. Thanks so much!


  9. Hi trying to find more information about a scarf I have labeled “It’s in the cards” by Wesley Simpson Any suggestion where I can look for information?


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