Von Lengerke & Antoine, 1939 The Time of Your Life Begins Here

Von Lengerke & Antoine was the less famous branch of Abercrombie & Fitch.  Located in Chicago, it has a colorful history that includes Al Capone, but it was overshadowed by the company that acquired it in 1928, A&F.   Still, it was one of the great 20th century sporting goods stores and their catalogs are a delight for people (like me) who love vintage sportswear.

An interesting thing I found today:  comedian Bob Newhart worked briefly at Von Lengerke & Antoine in the late 1950s, and he tells about it as only he can.

The sunglasses made famous by General George MacArthur, the Ray-ban Aviator.  And yes, they really were new, having been introduced in 1937.


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4 responses to “Von Lengerke & Antoine, 1939 The Time of Your Life Begins Here

  1. The Von Lengerke name is a new one to me so thanks for the information. 🙂

    These are great illustrations Lizzie. I love the jodhpur wearing lady with walking stick (the one lighting a cigarette). Also, the lady wearing the button-front skirt reminds me so much of the illustrations by Betty Wilkins. Remember I wrote about her recently in my blog http://wp.me/psCQD-29E. Their faces are so alike! Look at ‘Betty Wilkins illustration 11’ which is further down the page . . . . . . They could be sisters!


  2. Wonderful. Wish I could buy some slacks and a country suit from them. The Bob Newhart story is cute, too. Thanks for sharing this, Lizzie!


  3. vintagejenta

    Wish they still made wool pants and hose for outdoor wear today! And those wonderful, low-heel, lace-up, calf-high boots. Love the Ray Bans, too. How hilarious.


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