Vintage Miscellany – October 14, 2012

Here in the southern mountains, these are the days that seem to be almost perfect: crisp cool air, Carolina blue sky, leaves tinged in gold and scarlet.  It’s too bad that October comes but once a year.

*   Modern Spirit: Fashion of the 1920s  is now at the Phoenix Art Museum, through February 10, 2013.

*   When cashmere isn’t.  Three out of five “100% Cashmere” samples tested turned out to be acrylic, acetate or rayon.

*   The Met now has many of its past exhibition catalogs online, including many hard to find fashion ones.

*   Need an excuse to go to Paris?   Impressionisme et la Mode :  a look at the Belle Époque through art and fashion at the Musée d’Orsay until January 20, 2013.

*   Need an excuse to go to Florence?  The Salvatore Ferragamo Museum pays homage to Marilyn Monroe, through January 28, 2013.

*   Pierre Bergé is involved in a dispute over around 400 sketches by Yves Saint Laurent that Bergé says are stolen.

*   I loved this blog post by Hollis at Past Perfect Vintage on how a couture Dior dress ended up in the collection of the Fashion History Museum of Cambridge, Ontario.

*   ‘Made in the U.S.A.’  Bucking a 30-year Trend

*   And yet another interesting exhibition, this one at the Museum of the City of New York: The World of D.D. and Leslie TilletThe Tillets were fabric designers in the mid 20th century.

*   Here is an interesting blog post on Edwardian motoring clothing.

And one last thing…  Several weeks ago I discovered that Pendleton had updated and released a version of a circa 1930 coat I have in my collection.  Last week the blogger for Pendleton Threads did a post on this jacket, and they mentioned my post and linked to it.  In their post you get a glimpse of the coats that inspired their Toboggan Coat,  and you can see that the vintage coat was made in at least four different color stripes, plus there is a version in the Harding pattern.

What is really interesting is that they show that three different labels were used in these coats.  It you look at the site, it has a super one with an airplane, that I’ve posted from Chris Kluge’s family collection.

And the post ends with a real teaser: “And stay tuned to see what we bring back from our next trip to the archives.”

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