Fashionable Dress, October, 1927

October seems a bit early to be thinking about party dresses, as I seem to always associate them with the holidays.   Since this is a pattern catalog, maybe they were trying to get the sewers in the mood a bit early so they would have time to order their pattern and sew the frock before New Years Eve.

Not that I’m living much of a party dress life, however I do have another family wedding coming up next weekend.   This is not the occasion for a pink dress with a green wrap trimmed with white fur, however.  I’ll be wearing a little black dress, topped with a vintage cashmere sweater trimmed with gold braid, and I’ll be wearing vintage shoes.  I’ll try to post photos after the event.

Illustrator:  Evelyn Browne

Copyright:  Not known.  The Fashionable Dress Publishing Company (1915-1930)  was absorbed by Fashionist in 1931.


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6 responses to “Fashionable Dress, October, 1927

  1. All is forgiven for reminding me of Christmas when you share such a glorious pic of a spectacular party outfit from my favourite fashion era;) xo


  2. I wish I owned that fur trimmed wrap in such a stunning shade of green:-)
    Indeed perfect for the holidays.


  3. Not time for party dresses? But autumn is the start of The Season – the openings of the opera and the symphony, the time when people get back from their summer holidays, when they stop having garden parties and teas and start having proper evening parties that require full dressing-up. And when but in October are you going to carry off a pink velvet sleeveless dress?

    Thank you for these Fashionable Dress covers, by the way. They are wonderful.


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