Catalogs Making a Comeback?

Several years ago someone predicted that print catalogs were sure to go the way of the dinosaur.  With practically everyone being online now, the idea of a catalog that comes in the mail seems a bit old fashioned.

Several years ago I went to one of those websites where you can opt out of receiving print catalogs.  At the time we were getting dozens of them a week, including quite a few duplicates.  It must have worked because our catalog mailings slowed to a trickle, and over the past two or three years we rarely received any.

But just in the past week I’ve gotten two print catalogs from companies that I’d ordered from online.   The one I’m showing is from French cashmere company Eric Bompard, which has an almost cultish following among francophiles.  It was beautifully photographed in Lapland, and it seems more like a storybook than a catalog.  Which I suppose is the point, or at least the trend.  The other catalog I received, Brooks Brothers, also has an editorial quality to it, with the photos telling several short stories.

I’ll admit that I’ve enjoyed the Eric Bompard catalog a lot.  And there was a big bonus, a card of yarn swatches was included to better show the colors.  It’s the type of thing I love to find in vintage form.

You can see the entire catalog online, but there really is something satisfying about curling up with a nice wool (preferably cashmere) throw and a cup of something hot and a catalog of beautiful clothes.

As I said, I have ordered from this company, and I love the item I bought which is a cotton/cashmere blend polo top.  I’ve worn it a lot with no pilling or any other signs of wear.  I was disappointed, however, to find a tiny label that read “Fabriqué en Chine.”


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5 responses to “Catalogs Making a Comeback?

  1. Teresa

    There is just something about printed things like books and catalogues I will always love. I think it has a lot to do with the texture and feel of the product and I absolutely love how the yarn is included with Bompard catalogue.


  2. Oh, that’s a lovely catalog, and I’m a little bit in love with that bow sweater. I’d save up and spring for fine quality cashmere at that price…but the “made in China” label bugs me, too. I do love that the actual catalog includes swatches of the yarn!


  3. Thank you for bringing us such beauty on a gray, stormy day!


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