Ad Campaign – Maidenform 1951

I dreamed I was bewitching in my Maidenform bra.

This dream goes out at night!  Was there ever such artful magic?  Me… marvelously molded, abra-ca-da-BRA-ed to beauty by my Maidenform bra.  If you’ve dreamed of being bewitching… let your dream come to life with Maidenform.

This October 1951 ad shows probably the most un-witchy witch imaginable with her pretty smiling face.  But at least the props are there – the broom and the cone for a hat.

The I Dreamed ad campaign was one of the longest ever running campaigns for a clothing brand, starting in the late 1940s and lasting through the mid 1960s.  The Maidenform wearer dreamed of everything from sailing down the Nile to being a mermaid.

So, anyone know the slogan that replaced  I Dreamed I…?

To see more of this famous ad campaign...


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3 responses to “Ad Campaign – Maidenform 1951

  1. KC

    I love the way the hat echoes the shape of the “marvelously molded” boobs. Next came “The Maidenform Woman. You never know where she’ll turn up.”


  2. I love a pretty witch, the other type, the ugly, green skinned, wart faced style is a way to demean women of power to my thinking. Bewitched is my model 🙂 I also love this ad, fabulous sandals!


  3. rememberedsummers

    Thanks for the great link to those Maidenform ads!


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