Groovy 1960s Travel Album

Today, another find from the last Charlotte Metrolina show.  This is one of those things that you have no idea it exists, but the minute you spot it, you know it is exactly what you have been searching for.

It’s an album, covered in vinyl print, with plastic sleeves on the interior.  The seller said that an LP record album fits in the sleeves perfectly, so that was probably the intended purpose.  Today, it would make a nifty photo album or scrapbook for a European trip.

I’m pretty sure this album was made by the same company that made two other items I have in a similar, but seemingly a bit earlier, print.  A small photo book that I have in that print has a small sticker that reads KEK.  I’ve never been able to find out that the letters stand for.  I do believe the company was (is?) located in Europe, as the small photo book came from France, all the writing is in French or German, and for mass produced items, they sure are scarce here in the States.

And now for the close-ups:

If anyone happens to spot other pieces of either print, I would love to know about them, even if they are not for sale (but especially if they are!)


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16 responses to “Groovy 1960s Travel Album

  1. I’m in LOVE! There’s nothing else to say! 😉


  2. I love that mod couple! I aspire for us to be as groovy as them!


    • You are certainly well on your way!


      • Ok so shopping today amongst the second hand shops in Australia and come across a kek photo album. It is quite large, green and is bound with a green belt with a brass buckle….It is the old style album with the black pages and the acid free paper to separate photos….the really cool thing about it is that the paper has etched into every sheet spiderwebs with spiders…..unable to take photos at the moment but can do that later…Just thought i would share.


  3. Caryn

    Ah, yes….the two-week road trip across America in the late 1960s-1970s. We had a 1967 Pontiac Ventura and when my sister and I grew tired as we traveled by night, I would stretch out on the large blue Naugahyde-covered back seat (the 1960s version of “pleather”) and my sister would climb up into the back dashboard to sleep under the panoramic back window. No seat belts, we rarely used the air conditioner, we had no electronics, the radio stations faded between towns, and yet we survived, amazingly enough! We squabbled, we played road bingo, and my father sang every song from the 1900s to the 1960s when the radio stations faded. Great memories!


  4. Just amazing! I could look at that print for hours.


  5. Such a fantastic print! I love the lady in the blue dress with her little pooches.


  6. ourdailydress

    I would LOVE to see that print on fabric, sewn into a romper or sundress or Hawaiian shirt or anything really. I just want to wear it!


  7. Such a cool print! I too would love to see this as a fabric.

    From what I can see KEK are (were?) a German company producing mostly albums (for photos, stamp collections, etc.). If you go on and search under kek + album, there are quite a few that come up, including a vintage photo album, but nothing quite as fun as this or your other pieces! They do seem to still produce the odd stamp album (under the name of KEK Sachsen, but if you search the company, it appears to have diversified and changed beyond all recognition; perhaps unsurprising given that the advent of digital photography and email have marked something of a death knell for photo and stamp albums!).


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  9. primulade

    Could not KEK be Danish or Skandinavian, the Danish flag is there, and some words are related to Danish. Discovered your blog today and can’t stop scrolling to “older posts”!


  10. Thanks for this wonderful and helpful post! I bought a Kek photo album today with a jazzy green and yellow atomic print and the sticker on the inside because it was so unusual. It’s great to find out the story behind it 🙂


  11. Gladys Heathcote

    I was glad to find something written about “KEK” albums. I have just acquired one today. Gifted to me by a wonderful lady. It came absolutely full of beautiful Cards, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter etc, all from 1950’s and 1960’s. I was in Awe to say the least about this fantastic gift and I also found myself intrigued about the Album it came in. So pretty with it’s 1960’s style Vinyl like cover. Lovely design with gorgeous pictures. I looked on google for the Album name, KEK and found your piece on it here, I was just wondering where I could get more information on the makers. Could anyone please help?


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