Ad Campaign – TWA, 1951

I was lucky enough to attend elementary school during a time when a music education was more than 55 minutes once a week.  No, our teachers were serious about music, and determined that we would learn and sing every old American song ever written.  (That included the horrendously morbid, Tramp, Tramp, Tramp.)

I especially loved Thanksgiving, because that meant “Over the River and Through the Woods”.  I was always confused by the reference to the sleigh going over the white and drifted snow.   Wasn’t snow more of a Christmas thing?  As it turns out, the song was written in 1844 by Massachusetts abolitionist Lydia Maria Child, and Massachusetts in 1844 was enduring what has been referred to as the Little Ice Age.

During my own childhood, Thanksgiving was a short car ride, over a few creeks and through the woods, because I was lucky enough to live a few short miles from my grandparents.   So my own experience was actually closer to that of the 1844 song than that of this 1951 advertisement!


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7 responses to “Ad Campaign – TWA, 1951

  1. Living in the UK, you can very easily miss a major American festival, as I did this year! I’ll get some pumpkin pie made at the weekend…. Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. I’ve always loved that song too. I grew up near Boston Massachusetts and yes indeed, Thanksgiving was often snow covered. Later I had Thanksgiving in our Vermont house and in 18 years, it was never NOT snow covered. Now in Rhode Island and we have already had our first snow although Sandy wiped it all out. Thank you for your great interesting content and great writing. I always enjoy it!


    • Emily, thanks so much; I’m glad you enjoy my blog.

      Here in the southern mountains we were ‘lucky” if we had snow on the ground at Christmas. In 57 years I can recall only four white Christmases, and no snowy Thanksgivings. Several years ago I traveled north to spend Thanksgiving with an elderly uncle and it blew snow the entire time I was there. No one seemed concerned, as they were used to it, but I was in a panic the entire time thinking I was going to be trapped there for the winter!


  3. Now I’ll be singing that darned song all day long! Great information as usual.


  4. I always thought “Over the River” was a Christmas song! I guess I never really heard it apart from all the other Christmas songs and just associated the mentioned “snow” with all things Christmas. How interesting!

    (And I love the yellow coat the mother is wearing in that ad!)


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