Mademoiselle, September, 1941

Mademoiselle: The Magazine for Smart Young Women

And so as to prove the subtitle true, there she stands in an art gallery.  There is so much going on in this photo that it would be hard to focus on the smart young woman if she were any less dramatically attired.  What a museum-going ensemble!  It makes going to a museum or gallery somehow, special.  That’s something to think about.

Today we dress any old way and say we want to be comfortable, but one look at the shoes of most women today throws that argument out the window.  Unfortunately we cannot see this smart young woman’s shoes, but this is 1941, and I can pretty much bet she is wearing a pair of pretty but sturdy shoes with a two inch heel, meant for walking and possibly even in a green leather to match her suit.  After WWII started, that would no longer be possible, as leather colors were limited.

Photographer:  Paul D’Ome
Model:  Not credited
Copyright:  Condé Nast


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8 responses to “Mademoiselle, September, 1941

  1. Lizzie- how I long for a time where we can find attractive shoes that are comfortable and meant for walking at a decent pace, instead of mincing around on bound bejewelled feet, like so many of the latest fashions encourage us to do!

    One silly note – I’d hate to be behind this young woman in a gallery – the paintings would be blocked by her hat! 🙂


    • Jen

      Well, as a woman who does NOT dress “any old way” in order to “be comfortable” (as few things would make me more uncomfortable than donning, say, sweats and sneakers!), I can highly recommend brands like Sofft, Aerosoles (they’ve had some cute 40s-style shoes lately), Clark’s, and other European shoes easily found at Zappos as well as shops like even JCP or Macy’s. Europeans do more walking than we do, so the shoes are both stylish and comfortable. I get more compliments on my Soffts than any other shoe—and I’ve done classic car shows and walked miles in them without a complaint! Then just take the best care you can of those shoes. They’ll pay you back nicely. 🙂


  2. We should start a movement to bring back “museum-going” ensembles! I really like your commentary on this.


  3. I had a lot of trouble with my feet before I married my husband. He bought a pair of, about 15 years ago. I still have them. Still wear them weekly at least, and my feet never feel tired. They still look new.


  4. Yes, I’m tired of the stripper heels. Bleargh! I wish there were more sensible shoes that were pretty, but that didn’t look like sports shoes or orthotic shoes. (I agree with Mod Betty–I’d be annoyed to be behind that gal’s hat at a museum! But, boy, is that a sharp outfit.)


  5. I would agree with Karen. I was going to share this idea,, but they’re not necessarily what would be worn for high fashion. On the other hand, after reading a new piece this week about women taking off their little toe surgically in order to fit into high heels, I’m grateful that my husband likes the look of the above. 🙂 The Haflinger is, however, very comfortable, and they keep my feet warm in Minnesota. There are a lot of advantages to wool!


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