With a Little Help from My Friends

It really amazes me how many people I’ve made friends with here on the WWW.  There are a few that go back over ten years – people I “met” on the Ebay vintage clothing board.  And it seems like other vintage lovers just seem to find one another amidst all the noise of the internet.

Today I have a few “thank yous” to hand out, because sometimes kind friends will spot something and think of me.

When Mod Betty came to town last month, she came bearing gifts.  But that was not a surprise, as she is the type who loves matching objects with the perfect recipient.   She knows I love Tammis Keefe designs, and since she is from the Philadelphia area, that hankie showing the famous Wanamaker’s department store eagle was quite the thing.

Janey, the Atomic Redhead, lives in the Portland, Oregon area, and so she was lucky enough to run across this vintage White Stag hanger.  I was lucky enough that she sent it to me.

Monica recently lucked into a nice collection of vintage shoes, and she sent three pairs of them to me.  Among them was this pair, made in France by Andre Perugia.  Even the box is Parisian!

Also from Monica is this absolutely perfect Vera scarf.  Every Vintage Traveler needs a vintage travel themed scarf.

This super hat from the Columbia Sportswear Company was sent to me by April of NeatbikVintage.  I’ve never written about Columbia because I’ve never found an older piece from the company.  Started in 1938 in Portland, Oregon, they were the Columbia Hat Company until 1960 when they changed the name to the Columbia Sportswear Company.

So thanks to you all for the gifts.  They were all welcome additions to my collection.

And while I’m in a grateful mood, I’d also like to thank all of you who take the time to email with additional information about things I post here.  I’ve learned more than I can say from Lynne and Nathalie and Susan and Christina and Jen.  And that goes double to those of you who answer my inquisitive emails, Lynne and Jonathan.

Now I just hope I haven’t left anyone out.  But if I did email me a swift kick in the butt reminder and I’ll make amends.


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6 responses to “With a Little Help from My Friends

  1. The shoes look fabulous!! 🙂 Happy you could take on the project.


  2. Love the travel themed scarf!!!!


  3. I couldn’t agree more with Monica, those shoes are fabulous!!

    You are most welcome, my dear! I just wanted it to go to someone who would cherish it! And thank you for sharing!



  4. Christina

    And thank you Lizzie for one of the best blogs on vintage out there.


  5. It is so nice to share information, finds and images with others who appreciate vintage. Your blogger friends have been extremely generous! Those are some pretty neat gifts.


  6. That gas station print Vera is THE COOLEST.


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