Ad Campaign – Oleg Cassini, 1962 – 1966

This 1962 ad for York cigarettes called Oleg Cassini “the grand-entry newcomer on the fashion scene” even though by that time he had been running his Seventh Avenue business for twelve years.  It is true that it took his association with Mrs. Kennedy to put him on the mainstream fashion radar.

Cassini lost no time in capitalizing on his new-found fame.  He had already been dabbling in licenses and product endorsements, but in the early 1960s he began endorsing everything from lingerie to cigarettes.  Interestingly, he was very often pictured in the ads.

In 1963 and 1964, the “New Oleg Cassini seamless stocking” featured a series of ads with Cassini shown giving fashion advice to various women celebrities.  In addition to Carroll Baker and Carol Channing, there were also ads with Arlene Dahl, Tina Louise, Elizabeth Ashley, Carol Lawrence and Suzy Parker.

One of Cassini’s licenses was with Peter Pan lingerie and swimsuits.  1964

And who wouldn’t want a pair of diamond shaped sunglasses! 1966



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8 responses to “Ad Campaign – Oleg Cassini, 1962 – 1966

  1. Very interesting that in the your Cigarette Ad above Mr Cassani uses a model drawn in pretty much HIS image. I am enjoying your blog about him…very debaneer and attractive .(don’t know how to spell it.)


  2. Those dresses are beautiful and those ‘Sunglassics’ are gorgeous. I wish I could come across a pair of those while hunting one day. What a great post.


  3. Thanks for giving an insight into Mr Cassani. He was obviously a vain man, but very, very talented I must say! 😉 I love the sunglasses illustrations.


  4. Fashion Witness

    Is it my imagination, or does that first image look a lot like Jackie Kennedy? If so, she looks rather sulky and irritable…. Not the way you’d usually want to depict your most important client! I really like the girdle ad — the models look like actual young women, not anorexic 14 year olds. Here’s an out-of-date advertising concept: It was possible to imagine yourself looking like that if you wore that product. (I do remember wearing similar panty girdles to class when I was in college. Stockings and all. Ouch.)


    • Yes, I’m sure the resemblance to Jackie Kennedy is intentional. Jackie actually was a smoker, but York was not her brand (Most sources say she smoked Salems or L&M).

      And you are certainly right about the two young women in the girdle ad.


  5. Teresa

    I love the minimalist illustration style in the cigarette ads, in pariticular the first one. And yes… I do believe I would love a pair of diamond sunglasses! 😀


  6. My memory may be fuzzy here but I seem to recall that he was somewhat prominent in Hollywood in the 50s. Wasn’t he on an I Love Lucy episode? But yes, it was his association with Jackie Kennedy that put him on the map.

    I love those diamond sunglasses!


  7. ourdailydress

    The fashionistas facial expressions as they receive advice are priceless!


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