Charm, January 1951

I’m just home from my trip to the Land of Black, otherwise known as New York City.  Not that I don’t like black; I do.  But it was always refreshing to see someone on the street who knows, like the stylist for this photo knew, that a bit of color makes one stand out in a sea of black and grey.

New York always amazes me.  I don’t visit very often, and there is enough time between visits for me to forget just how big the place is.  I’d like to remind those of you who live there or within a short train ride how lucky you are to have such amazing resources so close at hand.  I hope you are taking advantage of them because the rest of us muddle about looking for the types of opportunities that you encounter every day.

One such opportunity I missed due to lack of time was the Fortuny exhibition at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute.  I was happy to see that Monica Murgia took this exhibit in last week, and she wrote an excellent review of it.  Of course, seeing her photos of it made me even sadder that I had not tried harder to fit it in.

But I’ll not dwell on the past, but instead I’ll be bombarding you with what I did observe and encounter.

And just to prove that I practice what I preach, here is a photo of me with my friends Linda and Carole.  I hate that you can’t see Linda’s red shoes! (No, we did not plan it that way, and I only noticed all the grey with touches of red after going back through my photos.)

Photographer:  Carmen Schiavone
Model:  Not credited
Copyright:   Condé Nast


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8 responses to “Charm, January 1951

  1. I visited New York several years ago, before Martha was born. I would dearly love to go back some day. And I love how you are all wearing a touch of red. Funny that!


  2. Ah, I love NYC. it was my home for more than a decade and not a day goes by that I don’t miss aspects of it (though I don’t think I could live there again). I love the photo of the three of you, especially the red accents and that plaid lining on your coat, Lizzie!


  3. love the vintage Charm cover, thanks for sharing. Grey, red and black is such a classy combination!


  4. I love the classic dress on the Charm cover…remember wearing similar dress….also loved wearing gloves. When wearing white gloves…you kept a clean pair in your purse, just in case those you were wearing got soiled.

    Thanks for the memory!


  5. Beautiful cover. I agree about the delightful red accents, and love the way the hat placement is used to emphasise the A and R. Very charming.


  6. Oh, how I love everything about the outfit on the Charm cover! And you all look so stylish and coordinated in your photo!


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