Little Vera Neumann Cocktail Time Book

Part of the fun of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is its fantastic book and gift store.   After our visit we barely had 15 minutes to shop before closing, but as we were walking through the shop, my eye was caught by a favorite Vera Neumann design.   This little book is filled with recipes for favorite cocktails, of course.  Built into the back is a magnet so it can become part of your refrigerator decor.

If you have been a reader here for a while, you might recognize the design.  I have a set of cocktail napkins, though the colorway is different, and I recently spotted a set in blue.  These have been reproduced in recent years, but the new ones have a very shiny thread for the hem overcasting, so be sure to always look.

The Vera Company owns the original artwork for many of Vera’s designs, and they often enter into agreements with companies who want to use the work.

The little book has a page where it tells a bit about Vera Neumann.   The part about the White House is interesting.  The fabric used by Bess Truman was Vera’s famous fern design.  It didn’t stay in the White House long, as they did not survive the remodeling by Mrs. Kennedy.


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8 responses to “Little Vera Neumann Cocktail Time Book

  1. I own a lot of Vera & am still surprised when I find something I didn’t know she created like wild leather fashion belts. I’ve had two. I have napkins, & quite a few bed linens, always interesting & different designs.


  2. I love this!!! I have to buy it for Ashley — she would love it!


  3. I always go to the museum store first to avoid this little dilemma 🙂 After seeing the exhibits I am certain which items in the gift shop I want to purchase to commemorate my visit.


  4. maureen

    when i got married in 1975, my aunt gave me a huge box of tea-towels (dish towels), two of which were vera apple print. the last one is just now falling apart.


  5. I love this post! This book would make wonderful stocking stuffers (it’s never too early to shop for Christmas!)


  6. Teresa

    I love spending time in museum and gallery gift shops. They always such wonderful books to flick through and I love your cocktail book.


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