Ad Campaign: Ski-O-Twill, 1937

Salute to “Lastex” for Ski-O-Twill special ski fabric that stretches… for fit, comfort and freedom

A chorus of ohs and ahs greeted this charming ski costume at the designer’s fashion shows, held while you were romping in the surf.  Where well-dressed skiers congregate this winter this suit will be seen – the last word in the prettification of the ski.  And you might as well be seen in it.

A lot has been written about how the invention of Lastex revolutionized the knit swimsuit, but here it is in a ski suit.  At the time most ski wear was being made from thick wool melton so this must have seemed to be a huge improvement.  But I’m not so sure that it caught on.  I’ve seen quite a few ski sets from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, and none had any degree of stretchiness.  I’d be interested in more information about Ski-O-Twill.


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4 responses to “Ad Campaign: Ski-O-Twill, 1937

  1. Cute outfit, and looks like it would be comfortable to ski in! Well, cross country ski, anyway (I can’t speak to the downhill). Cute little cropped jacket.


  2. Christina

    There is a reference to the inventor of Ski-O-Twill a Maurice Och in a letter to Sports Illustrated (1961). There is also a reference to White Stag. You may have seen it already Lizzie;


    • No, I had not seen it many thanks for posting it. It’s interesting that the ad above mentions “the work of America’s top flight of ski wear designers and makers, under the world’s most famous labels” but does not specifically mention any maker at all.


  3. How fabulous Lizzie, I’ve never seen Lastex in ski clothing. Interesting indeed!


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