Vintage Miscellany, February 17, 2013

It’s possible that this basketball team was from the Pennington Seminary of Pennington, New Jersey.  If so, it’s interesting because 1909 was the last year that girls were admitted to the school until 1972.  Today, there is once again, a girl’s basketball team at Pennington – the Red Raiders.

And on to the non-sporting news:

*   Woolrich, the country’s oldest continually running textile factory,  has made a public commitment to expand their made in the USA products in a letter issued at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.

*   The Textile Gallery at the Charleston Museum has three new exhibitions:  Uniformly Dressed, through August 11, 2013,   Fashion Accessories: Shoes through June 9, 2013, and Hunt and Habit, through April 21, 2013.

*   Is it possible to get enough of Bill Cunningham?  I really don’t think so.

*  The Frick presented a lecture by Aileen Ribeiro titled Renoir and the Democracy of Fashion which you can view in its entirety.

*  Norma Kamali has been doing quilted coats since the 1970s, so I’m wondering what took her so long to do this.

*   Check out these eleven art-inspired fashion shoots, compiled by Raquel Laneri.

*   Designer Alfred Fiandaca died last week at the age of 72.

* The winter 2013 edition of the Vintage Fashion Guild newsletter is available for viewing.  It’s full of articles of interest to vintage fashion lovers.

*  This All Things Considered story helps explain why the New York Garment District remains important to emerging designers.

*   And then they ask the question, “Could Cristobal Balenciaga make it today?

*   I’ve decided not to get my panties in a twist over the Miuccia Prada costumes for the new Boz Luhrmann Great Gatsby film.  Really, I have.

*  The  Kent State Museum’s collection of Katharine Hepburn’s clothing has left New York and is now on display in Florida at the Vero Beach Museum of Art.  Through May 19, 2013.


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7 responses to “Vintage Miscellany, February 17, 2013

  1. Lizzie, hi….found tons of interesting information on your blog. Even found one of my mannequin heads displaying a hat in The Vintage Fashion Guild newsletter (blond betty with the “page boy” hair.
    Too much information for this morning, I will go over it again later in the day when I have more time. Thanks.
    I especially enjoyed the picture of the girl athletes of old…all posing with their arms crossed, making a statement of power… More thanks, Liz


  2. Loved the Bill Cunningham article, but all these tidbits were fascinating. Thanks for assembling them.


  3. Lizzie,

    I always look forward to your miscellany! But really, what do you think about that Norma Kamali Coat? I know I have seen it before in a shorter version; 80’s Vera Bradley! Did someone else do one? I think the bedspread comment may be right on! Reminds me on the coats from years back that were made of white chenille dot bedspreads! Or maybe those were just a southern Cracker Barrel thing! LOL!

    Oh, I have a friend from Jersey who always takes about ‘Big Jersey Hair’, can’t wait to show the Vintage Jersey BB Players to her! Talk about Big Hair?

    Keep it coming!



    • I think the coat is interesting, but too literal, no? If someone around here wore it everyone would just assume she’d raided Grandma’s linen closet. Kamali also did a short version, and yes, they are a bit Vera Bradley-ish.

      I love your big hair comment! It did not even occur to me that they are Jersey Girls!


  4. Christina

    The Aileen Ribeiro lecture was very good.


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