When Spam Is Not


No, I’m not adding food as a topic here.   I’m going to say a few words about blog comment spam.

I’m not really bothered by spam because WordPress has a nice and efficient spam catcher.  It isolates all the fishy comments into a folder which the blogger can either ignore, or can open and read whenever a good laugh is needed.

The problem is that sometimes it flags legitimate posts as spam.  I try to check my spam folder at least once a week to see if any good comments were exiled there.

Whenever someone new to the blog posts a comment on The Vintage Traveler, I always check out that person’s site or blog if he or she leaves a link.   I also like to leave a comment or two.  Recently I’ve tried to leave comments on three or four different wordpress blogs, and for some reason I’ve been thought to be a spammer, and my comments simply vanish.  Not really; they are in that blog’s spam folder.

So please, if you have a wordpress blog, you need to be checking that spam folder.  You can approve the honest comments, and delete the spam.   Once a comment by a poster is approved, then the program lets that person continue to post.



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16 responses to “When Spam Is Not

  1. Thank you for the advice. As a new blogger this is good to know.
    Honey Stop The Car Vintage


  2. I don’t know if you can set up your site to do this, or if it would be helpful, but I actually have mine set to email me any time any comment gets made. That way I can ensure a prompt reply, but also put the Spam comments in the Spam folder. Works for me!


  3. Thanks so much for the tip!!! Oh and love the blog<3 Following, would you follow me?? Thanks!!:)
    xoxo ~ A


  4. petasvintageblog

    I didn’t know about the spam folder! Thank you ever so much I’m going to check mine now 🙂


  5. Thank goodness I’ve already had dinner. I wouldn’t have been able to eat after seeing that blue can.


  6. Sound advice Lizzie. I always check my spam folder just in case. I love deleting all those silly comments too – and like you say, they do offer a good laugh once in a while. 🙂


  7. Ah, I’ll take a look, Lizzie. Thanks.


  8. I also love how the stats list “ham” as well as “spam”, hehe. I always keep an eye on my spam comments and I’m always amazed how some come so close to almost making sense – tricky spammers out there! Only occasionally does a real comment end up in the spam folder and it’s usually because of something strange in the email address or the user name. Maybe it’s the “The” in your user name throwing WordPress off.


  9. Teresa

    I often check my spam folder too. It’s weird how sometimes someone who’s commented before can be added to the spam folder.

    I sometimes find the actualy spam comments funny too. 😉


  10. Hello everyone…so glad that none of you made any negative comments about the REAL Spam…the stuff in the blue can. My husband LOVES SPAM…could eat it every day. I brown it, good and crisp for him….he is a true southerner. You can take the Spam out of the Southerner…but you can’t take the Southerner out of the SPAM. (Did I say that right?)

    P.S. Does anyone know why they call the “junk mail” file SPAM????


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