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I’m always interested in finding clothing that is manufactured in the US, and I’ve gotten pretty good at finding US made items in many categories.  So I was surprised that I’d not somehow run across Popina in my search for US made garments.  Okay, the truth is that I’ve not shopped for a swimsuit in 15 years, and the thought of it was too hard to even consider.

But when I got an email from the people at Popina, asking if I’d like to try a suit in the privacy of my own home, I took a look at their site, and then said yes.  The line is very much inspired by  vintage swimwear with the one-piece suits being reminiscent of the swimwear of the 1950s.  They also have a selection of tankini suits and two-piece suits.

The Popina line is designed and made in Portland, Oregon.  As a nod to their city, they also carry Jantzen swimwear.  Jantzen was one of the great Portland companies that, unfortunately, is no longer made in the city.  They are, however, still in the swimwear business, with quite a few styles that are based on their designs of the past.

I chose the suit shown above, which Popina calls The Grace, from their retro swimwear collection.  When it arrived, I tried it on, and surprise of surprises, really liked the way it looked.  The fabric is nice and substantial, for a lack of better words.  At any rate, it is not thin and flimsy like so many of the swimsuits I’ve looked at in stores in recent years.  And the front and side seaming seemed to give a bit of a corset effect without feeling constraining.

The interior of the suit features a shelf bra. The front of the suit is fully lined, but the back is not.  I felt like the bra gave plenty of support, and added to the flattering line.  I really can’t say enough nice things about this suit.  It’s pretty, flattering, and well made in the USA.

If you live in the Portland area, there are two retail locations, and a new one will be opening next week.  Details are on their facebook page, along with a link to the newsletter (where you will find a 20% off coupon code good until March 13).

Soon, I’ll be featuring an interview with Popina designer and co-owner, Pamela Levenson.

Photos 1 and 4 are copyright Popina Swimwear.  Suit for review provided courtesy of Popina Swimwear.


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14 responses to “Made in the USA – Popina

  1. How adorable… definitely forwarding this to my daughter.
    Honey Stop The Car Vintage


  2. What a cute retro suit! Almost makes me wish I needed one, but I haven’t been swimming in years and I still have a suit that fits.


    • Excuse me, Brooke but I cannot post a reply so need to butt into yours. I’m calling that company tomorrow. Wore Jantzen forever and complete coverage was all my Mother would permit.

      Lizzie, I took the back door in. Do you know why IE is changing the presentation on my PC? Thank you to any one who could help me.


  3. love polka dots…what a cute sut. Thanks for sharing the company.


  4. Oh-so-cute, love it!!!
    xoxo ~ A


  5. joulesstar

    What a nice bathing suit! Thank you for this review, Lizzie. On my radar now.


  6. Lizzie- I’m so glad you wrote about these folks, as Retro Roadhusband has informed me that we may be going someplace for our anniversary in May that would require me to wear a bathing suit – in public – horrors! Let the search begin!


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