Glamour, January 1958

Last week I was a bit hard on the Glamour cover that I chose to feature, so this week I thought I’d go with one that is a lot more to my liking.  I know it is matchy-matchy, but isn’t that what this era was about to some degree?

Carnations must have been THE flower of the late 1950s, because we see one yet again.  How about the clever way it is pinned on her coat through the brooch?  And I really love the grey eyeshadow which is  French Grey from Elizabeth Arden.

The cloche hat is from Emme, and the price in 1958 was $49.  That’s almost $384 in 2012 dollars!

Photographer:  Diane and Allan Arbus
Model: Christa Vogel
Copyright: Condé Nast


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14 responses to “Glamour, January 1958

  1. I love everything about her look! Such a pretty cover! =)


  2. MC

    So pretty! I really like the matchy-matchy look of the ’50s, myself. I love that clever use of her brooch, too.


  3. allwaysinfashion

    Glamour was my favorite magazine starting as a young teen in 1956. I could hardly wait for every issue (a year’s subscription was $3.50). I poured through each one cover-to-cover and back again (including this one). Long story short, I grew up to work there— for 25 years (1965-1990)!!!


  4. Christina

    Denver Colorado, the “Carnation Capitol of the World.” From what I’ve read there was a big marketing drive to get consumers to buy the carnation and it was very popular in the fifties. There’s a very good online archive at Colorado State University which has a chronology showing carnations being used in fashion and interiors etc. A Glamour cover suggests you can also, “Be more Beautiful in 1959” – just in case 1958 didn’t work out. Page 2 from this link has some good fashion examples;


  5. Such a cute hat despite the ridiculous price!


  6. The whole outfit has been put together so beautifully. I love the cloche hat and clever use of the brooch/carnation. I have a rayon scarf from the 1950s, patterned with different coloured carnations.

    And the extortionate price for the hat, can still be found in certain high-end fashion glossies today, eg. £1,200 for a t-shirt dress . . . . . I could go on. Ugh!


    • Prices like this would be expected in a Vogue or Bazaar of the 50s, but Glamour was for a younger consumer – college girls, young “housewives” and girls with a job. My mother would have been in this group in 1957, and my dad had a good job, but there is no way she could have spent $49 ($384) on a hat. But fashion magazines are dream machines, aren’t they?


  7. I love this cover, so pretty! Xxx


  8. Teresa

    I don’t how she could be any more beautiful! The cover is goregous and I adore her cloche.


  9. Ruth

    I do remember everything being matching in the 60’s–it was a faux pas not to! Especially in the conservative midwest I grew up in. The girl in junior high who wore the heavy eyeliner and mascara was still considered “fast”, nowadays she would be right in style!


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