Vintage Miscellany – March 3, 2013

It’s been snowing here for three days, but in true Southern fashion, we only have about an inch on the ground.  It melts almost as fast as it falls, and only during the nighttime has it been able to accumulate.  Still, I’m ready for spring.  To help us all hang on a bit long, I’m sharing this bunch of bathing beauties.  Be sure to click the photo to see them in all their glory.

*   The PR blitz for the upcoming Punk: Chaos to Couture show has begun, with at least three press events in the past three weeks.  And on the other hand, you have the widow of Malcolm McLaren claiming that the exhibition is fatally flawed.

*   I’ve never been to Manhattan, Kansas, but this exhibition at Kansas State University sure is tempting. Now through October 13, 2013 via @SllabStudios

*   Those of you in and around Manhattan, New York need to check out the Stephen Burrows retrospective at the Museum of the City of New York.  Opens March 22, 2013

*   The Smithsonian has an interesting article on how two  Boston socialites worked to end the trade in feathers.

*  Fashion designers’ names never die, they just get recycled on and on and on.  There is a furor over the new Ossie Clark line, and now there is news that Hollywood designer Irene’s name is being resurrected.  Via Dandelion Vintage

*   Parsons New School for Design has added a great resource on the work of Sophie Gimbel, the house designer at Saks for many years.

*  And they recently hosted the Fashion Colloquia for 2013. They livestreamed it, but if you missed it, you can still view most of it.  Included is a discussion of Sophie Gimbel.

*   There’ll be no Fashion’s Night Out in New York and other US cities this year, darn it.

* The grad school students at FIT run a good blog called On Pins and Needles.  They have just started a series on the art of fashion history exhibition.  The first installment focuses on Diana Vreeland.

*   A very ambitious new website is being developed: Europeana Fashion will provide online access to outstanding fashion content from Europe’s leading museums and private fashion archives. The first version of our exciting new fashion portal will be available online from May 2013.

*  And finally, this coming week brings to us not one, but TWO television reality shows that feature Los Angeles vintage clothing stores.  Debuting on March 6 on Bravo is The Dukes of Melrose, which is about the shop Decades, owned by Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos.  The website shows a few snippets from the show, and frankly, I’m guessing that will be all I need to see.  The few scenes they show seemed contrived and rehearsed, such as Silver showing up at a client’s home only to find her in a huge bubble bath.  Watch it and see Silver and Garkinos spat over spending money.  My favorite line: “I can’t do coach,” in reference to flying.

UPDATE:  As expected, The Dukes of Melrose is a drama-filled, overly scripted waste of time.  That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

On the other hand, I actually liked the Smithsonian channel’s L.A. Frock Stars.  It features the store of Doris Raymond, The Way We Wore.  On the site you can watch the entire first episode.  I enjoyed watching Doris and staff going through a vintage show and the closets of prospective sellers.  Some of it seems to be scripted, such as when Dita von Teese (who also makes an appearance in The Dukes of Melrose) shows up in a superb vintage Dior dress, and then proceeds to do a try-on session.  But the conversation was fun and seemed to be authentic.  Debuts March 7.


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4 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – March 3, 2013

  1. Liz…this particular bloc has much info that I am still busy researching. Very Interesting to me. Thanks much. I do a mannequin head that I am told looks like Dita Von Tease..thanks again


  2. allwaysinfashion

    Thanks so much for the roundup. Not to be forgotten of course, are new installments of Rachel Zoe and It’s a Brad, Brad World— a very guilty pleasure to be sure. Plus I did see where the dreadful Fashion Star is returning on NBC.


  3. Thanks for the great resources. Now, I just need more hours in the day. Speaking of reality TV, I saw Joe, a recently ousted contestant on Project Runway, at a fabric shop here in Massachusetts. I didn’t let on that I recognized him, but asked him what he was going to make with the fabric he was buying.


  4. I’m so grateful for all of these links!


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