I’ve always been an opportunistic shopper.  I can take any errand or trip and turn it into a vintage treasure hunt.   Last week I had the good fortune to travel a bit west to the little town where my father was born and raised for a small family get-together.  That was delightful, and the party broke up in time for me to make a few stops on the way home.  It was one of those times when there was plenty to look at, especially in the way of interesting graphics.

I loved the girl in the advertising poster seen above.  It’s enough to make me want to use Campana’s Italian Balm.

The framed piece above is about two feet long.  The photos are from an excursion to Dartmouth River, Gaspe, Canada.

Here’s the ideal from about the same period of time.  I think the real woman in the cabin doorway more than holds her own against the idealized woman in the drawing.

Okay, I know it’s not fashion, but I could not resist photographing this cheery flock from the 1970s.  The artist is Japanese and I could not decipher the name.

I always notice pictures that contain dogs, but what I found to be interesting about this print was the subtitle of the work:

“Love me Love my dog.”  Having just had the anachronisms of Downton Abbey on my mind, I was really surprised to find that phrase on a print dated 1848.  But a bit of online reading revealed that  actually the phrase is quite old, being attributed to St. Bernard who died in 1153.  Of course, he said it in Latin.

Of course I loved this fourth grade health text book from 1935.  The frontpiece:

The little girl’s coat is so similar to a Pendleton coat in my collection, one that Pendleton reproduced last fall (and is now on sale for an amazing price).  But it also reminded me of a Hudson’s Bay blanket jacket.  I was pretty happy to run across the very thing just down the road a bit.

And I’ve got one more photo to end this little walk through the antique malls of western North Carolina.

This is a booth in an antiques, seriously, it is.


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18 responses to “Looking

  1. Well you certainly have better luck in “western North Carolina” than I did in January. I guess we weren’t looking in the right places. I love the Canada pictures.


  2. Nice pics, a little bit of history to enjoy! Although Kitty is certainly a tad disgruntled that all the pics had only dogs in them…..


  3. Christina

    Thank you for the Canadiana! The Hudson Bay Co. has just announced it is returning to its original logo – with some modifications – “a marriage between yesterday’s history and tomorrow’s vision.” Over the years the company really lost its way and focus. Sweet graphics. I’ve always loved those idealised Gibson Girl illustrations.


  4. Like you, Lizzie, I’m really surprised about the relative antiquity of that dog expression; it has the ring of a bumper sticker slogan about it! Thanks for the education.


  5. That last photo looks like my sitting room – especially when I’m sorting out stuff for my next vintage fair!


  6. Teresa

    I love the Japanese picture and I’d love to rummage through that stall at the antiques place.


    • Every time I go to that particular place I consider digging through the pile, and then I start and it all shifts, and I know I really don’t want to be bothered with working so hard at something that is supposed to be fun and easy.


  7. I never understand why a dealer would pay money for a booth and then just fill it up so much that nothing can be looked at! If I want to dig, I go to the thrift store or a flea market!


  8. Oh, I love Julia and her motto! Great expression on her face.

    That last photo of the booth–ugh. I hope everything was dirt cheap. I mean, if they’re going to make you work that hard to find something…


  9. But it isn’t any cheaper than any other booth. I can’t see why the mall owners allow it.


  10. I believe I’ve seen that booth too! It always makes me think that a lady set it up to pacify her husband, but she really doesn’t want to sell any of her stuff. Or perhaps I am just projecting my plan for when the stash outgrows the sewing room…


  11. Liz


    I think you’d be interested in this discussion of Campana’s Italian Balm. Cheers!


  12. Thanks for the vicarious shopping trip. Luckily, I don’t have a car. Otherwise, I’d be off on antiques/thrift store excursions all the time.
    I also found the Love me Love my dog slogan surprising at that date. Glad to know people have always felt that way about their dogs! I love the Japanese piece, too.


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