Elle, March 1956

I know all of us in the Northern Hemisphere are clamoring for spring, so how about springtime in Paris?  Or at least how about a pretty springtime Parisienne? I love her powder blue suit and how the color is complemented by the out of focus background.  The white collar and cuffs are a pretty touch, and the lip is the perfect shade of red. Add a jaunty little hat and the result is très chic!

Photographer: J.F. Clair

Copyright: Lagardère Group


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7 responses to “Elle, March 1956

  1. allwaysinfashion

    Believe it or not in 1956 Elle was a weekly (you can tell by the date on the cover). It was oversized (like the old Life Magazine) and printed rotogravure (like the Sunday supplements in our newspapers). I took French in high school just so I could “read” it (to this day reading French better than speaking). It cost $5.00 a copy at Schroeder’s import bookstore in downtown Cleveland. That’s $42 in today’s money! So I bought one rarely (saved from babysitting) . The cover lines would seem to be “The world tournament of young women: here are the winners”. Cover outfit notwithstanding, French Elle was where I drooled over pictures of the beautiful young French Beats— Juliette Greco and Francoise Hardy especially.


  2. Teresa

    Gorgeous cover. I love the pastels.


  3. Very appropriate, as my parents married on 10th March, 1956, and today celebrated their 57th anniversary.


  4. Beautiful cover…and I love allwaysinfashion’s comment! Maybe I should try to track down some German fashion magazines to help with my studies. (Or just try to read the German language blog I follow without resorting to Google Translate!)


  5. Sigh. I have a jacket of that vintage, very similarly styled, in about the same color. I bought it on eBay and I love it – but it’s just a skosh too small, so I can’t wear it. But neither can I bear to part with it. I took a pattern from it, but the idea of all those panels and interfacings and bound buttonholes, and my thousands of sewing projects that I could finish in the same time, slows me down…


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