Back to the Seventies

I graduated from high school in 1973, and this outfit would have been the very thing I’d have worn that year.  The girls at my school had just been granted the right to wear pants, mainly because the school officials didn’t seem to be able to control the shortness of the minis we were wearing.  Yes, there were rules, but they couldn’t send us all home.  So rather than have the constant parade of over-exposed thighs, the powers must have concluded that covered up, even if it meant pants, was better.

It was a whimsical time in fashion with lots of silly little prints of Holly Hobbie and cartoon characters that were popular with girls at my school.  We liked pinafore tops and I even had a dress with a back tie sash.  I guess we knew it was pretty much our last chance to really be kids.

So, sure, I’d have worn the mouse sweater.

I’ve had this little Bobbie Brooks sweater for at least five years, and possibly longer.  When I found it I had a perfect vision of the pants that would go with it.  First, they had to be plaid.  The main color would be light, or even white, but the blue would match, and there would be a darker color, maybe a deep gold or a red.

When I found these last week, I was pretty sure I’d found my pants.  Still, I was working the color from memory and could not be sure.  It helped that colors are fashion-driven, and this was a good color in the early 70s.

It was such a good match that you might think that the pants are also from Bobbie Brooks.  Actually, the label is Gordon of Philadelphia, which was geared toward a slightly older, more conservative consumer.  But I guess even the preppy had to capitulate to the way of fashion, at least for a few years.



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18 responses to “Back to the Seventies

  1. That sweater is a hoot! But, I love that color of blue – are you going to wear this out and about??


  2. Oh, that sweater is so CUTE! And I would totally wear it today. Makes me wish I could knit so I could make one. And the pants are great too – good job color matching from memory! =)


  3. cute outfit,,,I can not remember when pants were allowed in school. Interesting blog. Thanks.


  4. That sweater is adorable! I could see it being very popular today.


  5. I love this outfit! The way you described the plaid you were looking for was spot on. I had my mother make me pants just like this in gold and maroon plaid on a cream-colored background. With matching bomber jacket. Which I wore with oxblood platforms. I would have been in junior high, but can remember the fun little prints, baby doll type tops and the light blue nail polish I wore with them. Thanks for the blast from my past, too.


  6. I love this outfit Lizzie. The sweater is too cute! And the colour match is perfect. 🙂


  7. The sweater is amazing and the perfect blue color – just one of the many reasons I love seventies fashion. Even if there are some patterns I wouldn’t wear on a regular basis (I have a soft spot for polyester dresses with wild floral prints), I still have the urge to want it in my collection.


  8. Such a cute outfit! Of its time but can still be worn just as easily today.


  9. That sweater is the cutest thing I have ever seen!


  10. Inky

    Love this post. Those plaid pants and your memories of breaking the no pants for girls rule brought back a flood of memories. Our pants barrier was broken in 1969 when we had a blizzard. My classmates all walked to school and a Mom called the principal and begged him to allow her daughter to wear pants. The rule was pants; no jeans allowed. We shopped like crazy to buy pants and my first pair of school pants were red and blue plaid woolen bell bottoms.


    • That’s amazing that it took a blizzard. In our system there was a lawsuit concerning boy’s hair length, which the boys won, so the rest of the dress code sort of collapsed. We had a no jeans rule too, but I vividly remember the first day I wore them, scared to death I’d be sent home. Not one word was said to me about them!


  11. I’m glad this post stirred so many memories! I loved being a kid in the late 60s and early 70s with all the fun clothes.


  12. Oooooh! Your sweater is amazing. I love it!


  13. Ruth

    I graduated in 72, but don’t remember wearing any plaid. Did have a dark green plaid in junior high that I made in home ec. (Remember those classes?) We were allowed to start wearing pants in about 70. Boy, was I happy–we had a couple of very cold years and I had to walk a couple of miles home (seriously in snow and rain. Got my first pair of boots then too, but not white Go-Go’s! Opted for something a little warmer and sturdier. My dad worked for Sears and I loved looking at the clothes in the catalog. It gave me a lot of inspiration for clothes I could make!


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