Ad Campaign – Crescendo Gloves, 1956

Crescendoe gloves give your hands a slim and lovely look…Leather-tailored of wonder fabric that wears longer and washes better.

I’m really not very nostalgic when it comes to fashion accessories of the past.  I had enough of garter belts and stockings and little hats as a pre-teen to do me for a lifetime.  But one thing I really wish I’d gotten in on was the wearing of dress gloves.  I can remember wearing them as a very young child, but by the time I was 8 or so, the wearing of them had passed from being de rigueur to being just one more thing we didn’t want to fool with.

I look at the hands of many women in their 70s and older, and realize their hands look younger than mine.  It has to be that they got much less sun exposure as teens and as young women.   Those $4 gloves turned out to be a very good investment in skin care, and did a lot more good than do today’s $25 hand creams.

Happy first day of spring to you all!


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12 responses to “Ad Campaign – Crescendo Gloves, 1956

  1. Your post brings back memories of showing my horse in 4-H in the hunt seat style. Gloves were part of the outfit. I loved the blue coat, black hat, and leather riding boots. Recently my kids brought back the cap from my parents’ home, for the fun of it. My husband thinks I’m funny (too sensitive?) when I want “work” gloves while carrying heavy objects. Gloves are a good thing; but I’m glad they’re not required. 🙂


  2. Liz…I miss gloves, too. I used to wear them back in the late 40’s and 50’s. Gloves made you feel very feminnime. I particularly loved the short short ones that came just below the bone at the wrist. I used to wear white or pastel gloves…the little short ones…. with a cotton frock. I kept a clean pair in my purse to make sure to change if I happen to get the ones I was wearing dirty. You would not believe what (a slob…for lack of a more graceful word)….I turned out to be as I reached maturity (now 81).


  3. whitequeen54

    We always wore gloves to church when I was little (I am 58) and when we walked with my grandmother to church, someone would always lose a glove along the way and we’d have to go back and find it. (At least that’s the way I remember it!)


  4. Teresa

    I never thought about gloves offering sun protection… you are so right! Stylish and practical. 🙂


  5. Charming ad; just perfect for the first day of spring!


  6. The styles of old gloves are so much more interesting than all the plain ones you can find today – I love the gloves in the ad!

    I’m debating whether I should wear some of my grandmother’s gloves with my the Cassini knockoff dress I’m making for Easter. (I finally got the dye color right yesterday on attempt #6!) I’ll have to put on the dress when it’s finished and decide if it’s too retro with the gloves.


  7. Lovely ad! And thanks for the reminder to wear my gloves more often.


  8. Here are three companies who are makers of gloves today. Thought you might be interested in seeing. There are interesting “About Us or Heritage” pages on these sites:



  9. I couldn’t agree more! And dress gloves are just so darn classy, too!


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