Ad Campaign – Fiancées Shoes, 1960

Inspiration…the golden touch of Fiancées!

Inspiration…Andy Warhol!

The golden shoe in the ad sure looks like a Warhol work to me, but nowhere on the page of the Fiancées ad could I find his name or signature.   It could actually be his work, but I’ve not been able to find this particular shoe, nor have I located information about Warhol ever having worked for Clark Shoes (the owner of the Fiancées brand).  Still it is possible, as Warhol was still working as an illustrator in 1960, and still very much into illustrating shoes.  But by 1960 he was really making a name for himself, and it is puzzling as to why a company using his work would not display the fact that this up-and-coming artist had illustrated their ad.

While working as an illustrator in the 1950s, Warhol began experimenting with gold decorated shoe drawings.  In 1957 he had a showing of them at a NYC gallery and was surprised that they sold well at $50 to $225 each.  Today they bring about $40,000 each.

Warhol’s art continues to inspire.  From the fall/winter 2012 Dior collection:

Photo copyright:  Giani Pucci, InDigitalteam,

Photo copyright:  Giani Pucci, InDigitalteam,

Photo copyright:  Giani Pucci, InDigitalteam,

Photo copyright: Monica Feudi,


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6 responses to “Ad Campaign – Fiancées Shoes, 1960

  1. the shoes are great….however, I have fallen arches and could never wear them…I am so thankful these shoes were not fashionable in my youth. My feet always hurt with the regular lower heels. Interesting article. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Christina

    Interesting. I wonder if the shoe illustration is just a Warhol rip-off? The copy in the ad seems to really emphasise finding inspiration everywhere. Defending any suggestion of copy perhaps?


  3. Gordon

    Hi there,
    I found this article after doing research on my great-grandfather. His name was Samuel Fradkin and he owned and ran the Clark Shoe Company in Auburn and invented the Fiancee shoe. I have never heard a story of Andy Warhol working for my great-grandfather, but I have never known this rumor until I read this article, so I will ask.


  4. Juju

    I have a pair of my mother’s shoes with Fiancees nothing smarter written

    inside on the sole. How can I find out if the shoes have any value?


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