Vintage Miscellany – March 31, 2013

I hope that everyone has a new hat for Easter, but without the dead birds, or live birds for that matter.

*   Tonight is the US debut of Mr. Selfridge, the story of the founder of  London’s  Selfridges department store.  I’ve heard that it is quite good.  PBS Masterpiece Classic, 9 pm ET.

*   Celine’s Phoebe Philo takes inspiration from Geoffrey Beene, 2004.

*   I really bet there is more to this story of Francesca di Damon designer Frances Rappaport and a family dispute.

*   The story of Willis and Geiger, the “Lost” expedition clothing brand.

*    Here’s a great reason to travel to Washington, DC, this summer – the National Gallery is hosting a huge exhibition on the art and costumes of the Ballet Russes.  May 12 through September 2, 2013.

*  The Savannah College of Art and Design is holding their annual event, SCADStyle and they have a great line-up this year with Betsey Johnson, Stephen Burows, Pat Cleveland, Lisa Vreeland and Fern Mallis.  April 15 – 19.

*   Jody at Couture Allure has written a good biography of largely forgotten designer, Nelly de Grab.

*  And Jenn at Hatfeathers profiles the other Nelly – Nelly Don.

*  An article at Forbes tells how Jen Guarino bought a dying  100+ year old leather goods company, J.W. Hulme,  and turned it into a $5 million a year business.

*   Ghosts of D.C. found some super photos from the Library of Congress  of girls in 1899 exercising in a gym.

*   The April issue of American Vogue features the 1950s inspired clothing of spring 2012 in a fashion feature based on the Hitchcock film, Rear Window.     Starring Tobey Maguire and Carolyn Murphy, it’s beautifully staged by Grace Coddington.  Weirdly, the name of the film is not mentioned until the ninth page of the story.  I can’t help but wonder if the connection to that movie was immediately obvious to readers who are not classic film fans, or is the imagery from Rear Window so much of pop culture that they did not need to identify the “classic Hitchcock film.”

* Last of all, with all the talk of the death of Google Reader  I decided to take a closer look at Bloglovin’, the site where many people say they are retreating to for their blog feed.  I signed up for Bloglovin’ years ago, but honestly, have never used it.  But after seeing how easy it was to see blog updates in one place, it made me wonder why not transfer all my blog links to it.  My gosh, but I am enjoying it, and I was able to follow all but a very few of the blogs I regularly read.  It is a real timesaver.


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10 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – March 31, 2013

  1. Thanks, as always, for the great collection of interesting links, Lizzie. I’ll probably be watching Masterpiece tonight. And I really enjoyed seeing the Nelly de Grab profile. I’ve had a few lovely de Grab skirts in the shop, and have always wanted to know more about her.

    Not a big ballet fan, but I’d sure like to see that Ballet Russes exhibit!


  2. I absolutely love your blog, and have reposted quite a few of your links today. Can’t wait to watch PBS tonight! Thank you very much.
    Jacqueline @ Tangerine Jive


  3. Danette

    I get so excited when you post your list of links! These were great as always and LOVE the Vogue Rear Window feature!!!


  4. Liz…I, too will be watching PBS tonight at 9 pm….hanks for the heads up.,,,and all the information. Happy Easter to you and your bloggers…..


  5. Teresa

    I quite enjoyed Mr Selfridge so I’m glad it was renewed for a second season. 🙂


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