Ad Campaign – Love Set by Shepherd, 1946

For a perfect score on the tennis court or any other playtime places, beloved stripes in Shepherd’s figure-flattering version of the cotton T-shirt… with broad and buttoned shoulders.

I don’t know a thing about Shepherd Knitwear but I’m in love with the ad and the product.  Note how the buttons on the T-shirt are also on the cardigan.  And what about that label?

I’ve been looking for a 1940s or 50s striped T-shirt, but I can tell you they are few and far between, and when they do come up, you can expect to pay a lot more than you would expect.   The last one on ebay went for $202.50!

Maybe it is because stripes are so popular right now, or maybe it is collectors like me looking for an item that was usually worn until it fell apart, and was then discarded.  At any rate, keep your eyes open!



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5 responses to “Ad Campaign – Love Set by Shepherd, 1946

  1. I would LOVE to have a vintage t-shirt. They look so impeccably soft and flattering, as opposed to t-shirts of today which are just bleck!

    But I think you’re right, they real did just get worn out. Whenever my dad’s t-shirts would get too many holes or too many stains in them he would use them as rags, and I bet that’s a trick he learned from his parents. That is also what happened once in an episode of I Love Lucy. I think that shirts-to-rags was a common thing. Which, while it’s nice that they thought to be innovative and recycle in a sense, it is a bummer that we aren’t able to enjoy them today.


  2. Teresa

    Those buttoned shoulders are amazing!


  3. Love this with simplicity. Also a sucker for the style of these ads – I just love ’em xxx


  4. Mmm, yes, love that shirt! I will never forget my first on-my-own clothing purchases using money I had saved up mowing the lawn: two striped t-shirts, one red, one blue. (This was the 80s, mind you, so they weren’t all cotton or particularly well made, and the stripes were wide…)


  5. Leslie

    Even looking for cruise wear is hard to find now. I spent one winter googling any kind of sport or cruise wear for a cruise I was going on, mostly looking for glittery things for nighttime and sportswear for day. I’m 52 yo and I thought there would be such a thing. I certainly remember department stores having these sections. But apparently this venue did not translate to today’s market.
    I find myself grieving these lost things, so unexpected, yet such nostalgia! Does anyone else find themselves’ feeling sad for bygone days that were not so long ago?


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