Vintage Swim Cap Serendipity

To a vintage collector, one of the best things is finding an item in print, and then seeing the actual object.  In this case, it is a virtual seeing, but still it is enough to bring a smile.

I’ve been looking closely at swim or bathing caps, trying to find a few to match up with some bathing suits in my collection that are in need of the proper headwear.  In doing do I ran across a very nice cap on etsy – one that looked vaguely familiar.  In looking back at prior posts on swim caps, I realized where I’d seen it.

I posted this ad from U.S. Rubber last June.  It is from 1958, and says the following about the “lace” cap:

Look at the wonderful new things that have happened to swim caps… Chantilly Lace in new feather-light, divinely comfortable U.S. Aquafoam

Luckily for collectors today, the rubber makers kept trying to make an unattractive item look more desirable to women.  Their experimentation is our gain in the variety and novelty of the swim caps manufactured in the 1950s.  Thanks, U.S. Rubber!

And thanks to etsy seller IngridIceland for the use of her photos.


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8 responses to “Vintage Swim Cap Serendipity

  1. John

    Wow, thanks for connecting the dots! Within 5 minutes of getting this post in my email, I bought the lovely cap on Etsy!! A fine example of US Rubber! Thank you Vintage Traveler!


  2. Congratulation to you, John. Do you need a mannequin head to put that fantastic piece of rubber on?


  3. Wow! That is a fantastic swim cap. So fantastic, you could almost wear it outside of the pool. 🙂


  4. Leslie

    I remember wearing one as a child. I had very long hair and we always stayed at a motel with a pool. God they hurt going on though!


  5. I agree that this is a nice-looking cap, you could almost pass it off as a juliet cap!


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