Ad Campaign – Vera Scarf, 1955

Vera makes a big commotion in jazz… in colors from sweet and low-down to red hot!

Suddenly, it seems, Vera Neumann is everywhere.  You may have read about the latest Target collaboration, which is a grouping of Vera scarves.  The scarves hit the shelves last week, but I did not have a chance to see them until yesterday.  At this point in time, I have no illusions about designer collaborations with discount retailers.  For that reason I was not disappointed by what I found.  I expected cheap poly, and that’s what I got.  The scarves are $19.99, and the designs are lovely.  But a quick look on etsy revealed over 300 vintage Vera scarves for $10 or less, and they are mostly silk or cotton.   This is a case where the vintage version is the clear winner.

image copyright

The scarves are printed with the signature and ladybug, and there is also an attached label that clearly identifies the scarf as a Target product.

In other Vera news, if you are a Mad Men watcher, I’m sure you noticed that stunning beach cover-up Megan wore in the first episode of this season.  I was sure it was a Vera, and I was right.  Note the Vera signature at the hem, on one of the orange spots.

photo copyright AMC Network Entertainment

And if that does not make you yearn for a sunny day at the coast and a Vera dress, then you are beyond hope.

I spotted a very early Vera scarf at the Liberty Antique Festival, but did not buy it because it was so damaged; it had literally cracked along the lines where it was folded.  It’s been widely written that her first scarves were made of surplus parachute silk after WWII, and this one sure had the look and feel of that type silk.  It was screen-printed with a geometric print in gold paint.   Why it did not occur to me to take a photo, I haven’t a clue.

The very earliest Vera scarves were quite simple in design, and were often screenprinted in just gold or gold and black.  The ad above is from 1953, which was very early in Vera Neumann’s long, fruitful career.


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32 responses to “Ad Campaign – Vera Scarf, 1955

  1. Lizzie – thanks again for such handy information. And not that we need to be reminded, but you’re so right, the vintage is so much better than the new stuff!

    I’m curious about the “charm scarves” illustrated above – I’ve never seen that style before – was that a popular adornment for scarves?

    I love vintage scarves but I can never find a way to wear them without looking awkward. Someday!

    Mod Betty


  2. I totally missed that Vera coverup on Mad Men. Nice spotting!

    How have I not heard about the Vera collaboration with Target?! It would be nice if this collaboration sent prices for the vintage scarves up a tad.


  3. Love those vintage ads – so stylish!


  4. I love the vera beach cover-up. Looks great with the floppy hat!


  5. Wow, Thanks a lot! I love silk and this period!


  6. I really understand wanting to get “quality” and “designer” pieces to the masses, but it is always sad that we have to create new products with cheap labor because people are too lazy to go out of find the real deal somewhere else. Okay, I’ll get off of my soap box now…

    I noticed the cover-up too and thought it looked very Vera-esque! Nice eye though on the photo!



  7. I’d never heard of Vera scarves before so this was fascinating .
    I absolutely adore the graphics on that advertisement at the top of your post


  8. Your pretty sharp, Lizzie …. I never noticed the Vera signature on the bottom of that cute cover-up. The Vera scarfs were news to me…so the article was very interesting. Thanks.


  9. Teresa

    It always baffles me why people go so crazy about these modern collaborations. But then my vote will always be in the vintage camp so I’m a probably a little biaised! 😉


  10. Joyce Bradley

    I have kept my 21″ square Vera orange geometric print scarf! I pulled it out and it is 100% acetate made in Japan. Not silk, as I would have thought. How disappointing! I wore it in the early 1970’s with an equally bright orange pants and sweater outfit. I’m sure I could have been seen for miles! Obviously I thought it was special since it has stayed with me this long. It is really not in great shape with some bleeding and snags. However, it does bring back memories! It was the style to wear our Vera scarf in a triangle tied in neck front with the Vera logo at the point on the back. I was a young single working girl with little funds…. and this scarf was a major accessory. Thanks for the memories!


  11. I love that Jazz scarf! I would frame it though and use it like art.


    • So many of Vera’s beautiful scarves could be considered art and framed. What’s so wonderful about her scarves is that for many she did the original artwork that inspired the piece. That’s one of the reasons I have a passion for Vera scarves!


  12. I have a few Vera scarves and one amazing Vera blouse.


  13. mimi

    my mother adored Vera-she had clothes, tablecloths, name it..when I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s.I followed in her footsteps. I have a nice collection of tablecloths and napkins, scarves and even bed linens. Still love the colors, the designs.They just make me feel good. Love your blog,btw.


  14. Not one bit surprised by the quality of the Vera Target collection. You are right Lizzie–the vintage Vera acetate scarves were of great quality. They felt soft and silky, and had hand rolled edges.

    My new purpose in life is to find one of those Vera Jazz scarves–magnificent!


  15. ladylordy

    I took full advantage of the time I worked in a vintage shop to expand my scarf collection – I’ve got some beautiful Vera ones. Kept noticing the name pop up so looked into the history of the company, so this post is really interesting. Such a shame that, as is usually the case, ‘vintage’ collaborations forsake quality these days.


  16. s~

    OH MY!! I ‘just’ found your blog ~ and I am completely addicted 😎 THANK YOU for all of the wonderful VERA eye candy and information – KEEP IT COMING!!!!!!


  17. Lizzie, May I borrow your top Vera ad image on this post for my blog? I have that scarf in my own collection, and love to show items with their original ads.


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