Simplicity 4945 – Early 1960s Separates

It’s been quite a while since I have written a sewing post.  It’s not that I have not been sewing, it’s just that much of my winter was consumed in finishing a dress that took forever to make.   I probably would have abandoned the project, but I had been sharing my progress on it with my sister throughout her illness, and she enjoyed watching it shape up so much that I felt like I owed it to her to actually finish it.  I’ll share it in a later post.

I bought the pattern above for the pants, but after watching the Great British Sewing Bee I decided to do one of the challenges and make a blouse.  On the show the sewers had six hours to make their blouse, but they had to use a silky fabric.  I went with an easier to manage fabric, a cotton seersucker.  There is actually more contrast in the stripes than shows in my photos.

I’m not a big fan of “fast sewing.”  Some time ago I ran across several blogs where the challenge was to make so many garments in a month, and it just added up to a lot of clothes that I suspected would never be worn.  I’ve never been a fast sewer, as I love the calming effect of slowly working through a design.  And I’ve learned that it is better to take the time to pin and baste and do it right the first time.

So even though my pattern was relatively simple, it took the entire six hours for me to finish.  Actually, it took a little more as I hand-hemmed the sleeves and hem, but if I were really on a deadline, I could have machine-finished them in a few minutes.

I decided to give my blouse a bit more shape, so I altered the side seams to make the waist more narrow.  I also added vents at the side hem.  I had planned to put in the button, but I wore it without it and liked it, so now I’ll probably not bother.

I really like the way the sleeves are cut in one piece with the bodice yoke.  And it was very easy to do and was faster than set-in sleeves.  Not only that, but there is more mobility in the sleeve, due I suppose, to them being on the bias.

Next, I’m thinking about tackling the pants, which may take some time.  Pants are easy to sew, but hard to fit.  Wish me luck!


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21 responses to “Simplicity 4945 – Early 1960s Separates

  1. a nice result. looking forward to seeing the dress!


  2. It’s so great! I love the texture of seersucker fabric. And you even matched the stripes everywhere, including on the sleeve seams! It looks beautiful on you!


  3. You can see the time in the finished product. It looks great, and that is the perfect collar! I, too, will look forward to the dress post. Good luck on the pants- I am hoping to get to sewing some myself soon.


  4. You look just stunning in this blouse, so summery and soft. And, welcome, fellow slow sewer to the Slow Sewists club!! It’s nice in here, no panicking, no ripping, no doing things because you are rushing and overtired. In fact, I am still working on a pair of trousers for my Fearless February challenge….and it’s May. So, you know….it’s not like they are going to spontaneously burst into flames if they do not get finished in February. 🙂


  5. Good Job,, Lizziy…. Pretty in Pink !


  6. Teresa

    Great job! I love the pattern and the fabric you chose looks splendid on you.

    I loved the Sewing Bee show too. I have a few patterns I’m hoping to try out soon… it’s just finding the time! 🙂


  7. Jennifer

    I was inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee too! I made an A-Line skirt in about 5 hours.
    The show was amazing and I can’t wait until the second season.


  8. Oh that looks great! Seersucker is great to sew with – nicely done!


  9. That looks really lovely. There’s something so chic and simple about 60s separates.


  10. Adorable! What a great top, and it looks fantastic on you. (I’m also loving your plaid belt…I feel like I might have seen that before. It’s fabulous!)


  11. Love the shirt and the color. Seersucker is one of my favorite fabrics–and so great for summer.


  12. I have always loved seersucker – and it is so right for this pattern. I’m sure this would have taken me more than six hours to make, too!


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