Why I Love the Internet

I posted this great cover last month, as some of you will remember.  Earlier this week I got an email from a nice woman in California who had been looking for this particular issue of Charm.  As it happens, her mother worked for the magazine in the early 1950s, and in some correspondence she mentioned this particular issue.  She was an editorial assistant, and she helped write the articles that appeared.   In particular she mentioned ghost-writing a “beauty bath article by Kay Torrey.”

Well, I got the magazine and quickly found the article in question:

The assistant’s name was Lois Isde.  According to her daughter:

“After graduating from Valparaiso University (Indiana) in the early 1950s (with a degree in geography), my mother moved to NYC to pursue a career in publishing. She had brief stints at Charm magazine and Women’s Wear Daily, before meeting my father who was a graduate student at Columbia University. They eventually moved to Madison, Wis., and then Chicago and she stopped working to raise my 2 brothers and me. After we were grown, she worked for a medical publishing company in St. Louis. She always loved those years in the 1950s when she wrote about  fashion, beauty, women’s issues, etc, in New York City.”

Rarely am I persuaded to sell things that I post about here, but this was just too special not to pass along to Lois’s daughter.  The internet has been with us for quite a few years now, and sometimes we take it for granted.  But when I’m able to connect with a reader in this way, I remember just how great the power of google is.



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16 responses to “Why I Love the Internet

  1. Small world, isn’t it. Fortunate for her that you were gracious and parted with that particular issue.

    There’s that suit with the padded hips again…that I am enjoying seeing once more.


  2. What a wonderful story! So glad you were able to pass along the issue to her. And how nice of her mother, later in life, to recall her good times in NYC working in fashion.

    I do love the power of the internet for good stuff like this!


  3. I love this story! Getting weepy, now. I also love her mother’s opening paragraph! The photograph is also pretty darn great. Dig the slippers! T.


  4. Aw! This is beautiful!


  5. Thanks so much for sharing this story, Lizzie. It is precisely these personal connections – so often with strangers – that make blogs so much fun. It was so lovely of you to part with your magazine; your reader in California will forever remember your kindness, I am sure.


  6. amazing! i love how the internet makes the world that much more accessible to everyone.


  7. I love it when this happens! 🙂


  8. Love this story! You’re a peach, Lizzie.


  9. Such a great way to remind us of the beauty of sharing. Thank you Lizzie.


  10. It is stories like this that make me grateful for the internet as well. Your generous act made two people very happy. I was also glad that I found an appreciative buyer (you!) for my KEK album. I have to admit that one of my joys in selling vintage is finding good homes for things.


  11. I love it Lizzie! Wish I could read the article in its entirety. Can you scan it all? I am all about at home beauty and just wrote about it on my blog. Love that you are sending her the magazine! How wonderful you are!


  12. Great story, LIzzie! Those “glamorous career years” must have been a wonderful memory for both Lois and her daughter, and how lovely of you to send the magazine aka family heirloom “home”…


  13. Hopefully I’ve built up a bit of good vintage karma! I appreciate all the nice words, but seriously, I just could not say no in this case.


  14. Lizzie, this is beyond CHARM-ing. I love this story, and not just because my mother’s name is LOIS. You have done a wonderful thing. How lovely of you. God bless, Kay Noske


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