Getting My Fifteen Minutes

Back in March I was contacted by Stephanie, a writer at Treasures magazine, to see if I would tell a little about my swimsuit collection.  Since I’m always up for a good swimsuit discussion, I couldn’t say no.  So I sent some photos and answered some questions and then, well, I forgot about it.

And then yesterday I got some copies of the June issue of Treasures in the mail and I was just floored by the beautiful job the magazine staff did.

Here is a preview of the article.  It will be on the website soon, where you can now see a preview of the May issue.

As a lover of old stuff, I’m really enjoying reading the entire magazine.  This issue has articles on wedding cake toppers, honey pots, samplers and glassware.  There are also several question and answer columns and information about upcoming antique shows.

My thanks to Stephanie Finnegan and the staff of Treasures.  All photographed material copyright, Pioneer Communications.


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16 responses to “Getting My Fifteen Minutes

  1. Wow! How fantastic!! I can’t wait to read it when it goes up on the website!



  2. Teresa

    How wonderful and I can’t wait to read it on the website. It looks like a fabulous article.


  3. Your collection certainly deserves this coverage! We sent this on to Jantzen’s archivist, Carol (to whom you have spoken) and she said, “We have the blue Jantzen in the article but would give anything to have yellow and black suit. It was designed for us by Louella Ballerino.” With your scrupulous research and documentation, you may already have known that, but we thought we would pass on the designer’s name just in case.


    • Well, thank you! I really appreciate you sending this on to Carol at Jantzen. I did know that Ballerino designed the suit, as I found it in a Bates fabric ad from 1946. There are other matching pieces which I’ve been trying to find for years.

      It’s interesting that three of the six suits they chose to show are from Jantzen.


  4. Lizzie, I truly believe you deserve more than 15 minutes. Looking forward to seeing the magazine article.
    A very good picture of you with the navy and white knit shirt at some kind of iron garden gate. Thanks for sharing.


  5. So cool! Congratulations on getting featured in such a nice article! Can’t wait to read it in its entirety. =)


  6. Christina

    Super! Look forward to reading the online version.


  7. congrats, lizzie! the article looks really beautiful.


  8. Lisa

    Fabulous! Looking forward to getting that link!


  9. Eeeeeeek! Congratulations Lizzie. The article looks scrumptious! Looking forward to reading it in full. Wowwwwwwwww! 😉 xx


  10. Fantastic! And I love that information on Louella Ballerino. I had no idea she designed swim suits.


  11. Very exciting! You definitely are my vintage clothing research resource!


  12. Wonderful!! This will be much fun to read! Congratulations!


  13. Bravo! And thanks for introducing me to a new magazine.


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