Du Barry Beauty Preparations, 1945

The Strawberry, a singing red…as luscious on your lips as sun-warmed berries.  The Cream, a rich face-powder shade under which every woman seems to bloom.  Together, they give your skin the new strawberry-and-cream look of the season: fresh-and-clean, frankly pretty.

It is strawberry season here in North Carolina, and I’m trying to eat my fill while they are fresh from the fields.  Nothing like a sweet treat that is also healthy to make one feel virtuous!


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4 responses to “Du Barry Beauty Preparations, 1945

  1. I love strawberries, too. Thanks for reminding me to look for a ripe field to go picking….my frozen freezer supply of berries from last season is almost gone. I usually make smoothies all winter with them….and include just a little bit of frozen bananna. Yummy.


  2. Great ad! I can’t wait for the Michigan strawberries to come in.


  3. We are on our second gallon from the farm stand. Strawberries in everything around here…..


  4. mmm strawberries! I love them and can eat them by the pound when they are in season! I even have a little strawberry charm hanging on my purse.

    I love the colors and the artwork of that ad!


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